Youthful Skin Returns with Dermal Fillers

Wrinkles and other signs of aging are greatly reduced with dermal fillers recommended by Doctor Simon Ourian of Epione Beverly Hills.

Minimally invasive procedures with Radiesse, Juvéderm, and Restylane, known collectively as dermal fillers, recommended to reduce signs of aging on the face, are available at Epione Beverly Hills.

As the human body gets older, it begins to show signs of aging. One place where aging is apparent is on the face. Wrinkles, sags and lines begin to emerge. Many women and men would prefer a more youthful appearance and look for ways to reduce the signs of aging that have developed on their faces.

There are various ways to accomplish this task. Surgery is one of them. However, surgery is expensive and with any invasive procedure, includes risks to the patient. One method to reduce the signs of aging that is minimally invasive and that offers minimal risks is dermal fillers.

There are various types of dermal fillers. Says Dr. Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, “What is the best dermal filler? The one that, in my medical opinion, is most suitable to meeting my patient’s aesthetic goals. I don’t use a cookie cutter approach; I examine each patient, discuss their needs and goals and make a recommendation based on my ten plus years of experience, it’s a collaborative process.” Dr. Simon Ourian is one of the leading injectors of dermal fillers in the United States.

Dr. Simon Ourian provides a variety of dermal fillers for his patients. Some of those include:

  • Restylane: a semi-permanent dermal filler that will last six to twelve months.
  • Juvéderm: an FDA approved hyaluronic acid filler that lasts up to a year and that is safe and effective for people of color.
  • Radiesse: what used to be known as Radiance utilizes a process called collagensis, and may last for more than two years.

Dr. Ourian also offers Botox. Explains Dr. Ourian, “There are two types of wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles and static wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles happen when we use our facial muscles to frown or to smile. Crow’s feet are an excellent example of dynamic wrinkles. Botox is the treatment of choice for dynamic wrinkles.” Dr. Ourian often combines Botox injections with dermal fillers to achieve the best and the most youthful look.

In the words of Y.B. an Epione patient that received Botox, Radiesse and Juvéderm injections, “I would suggest to everyone that you not waste your money elsewhere. Go to Epione and get the topnotch professional results you’re looking for. This is your body and your face and you are investing in it for the future. At Epione you can relax and know that you will be getting the highest quality of service and aesthetics available — anywhere in the world today.”