Will the Next Great Skin Care Product Be Found in a Wine Glass

According to researchers from Harvard Medical School, resveratrol, which is a compound found in red wine, provides some great anti-aging benefits. Resveratrol is an antioxidant that occurs naturally in plants such as cocoa and grapes and it contains properties that protects from excessive ultra violet rays and infections.

A study published in Science Magazine on March 8, 2013 by the aforementioned Harvard researchers confirms that these properties can provide great anti-aging benefits in humans. Moreover, the study indicates that resveratrol stimulates the production of SIRT1 in the body.

SIRT1 Benefits

SIRT1 is a serum that helps to block diseases in the body since it increases the speed at which the body’s energy production centers operate and this ultimately boosts the ability of the body to fight diseases. The researchers who conducted the study believe that resveratrol ability to stimulate SIRT1 makes it a suitable ingredient for anti-aging or drugs that can reverse the effects on the natural aging process.

According to researchers at Harvard Medical School, none of the anti-aging drugs and serums that are currently on the market can activate the production of SIRT1 as effectively as resveratrol. However, in the past, some health experts have questioned the ability of resveratrol to stimulate SIRT1 production. In fact, some earlier studies were able to show that resveratrol only stimulates SIRT production when combined with an artificial chemical.

Additional Research

Researchers had published a similar study in 2006 that linked resveratrol to SIRT1 production and longevity of mice. In order to prove that resveratrol could achieve the same results in humans, the team of researchers embarked on a mission to establish exactly how resveratrol works for the past six years before publishing their findings this year.

After conducting years of research in order to prove that there is indeed a link between resveratrol and SIRT1 researchers at Harvard Medical School conducted clinical trials that generated proof that resveratrol can speed up mitochondrial activity. Researchers insist that the conclusions of their study, which indicate that resveratrol contains anti-aging benefits, are irrefutable. In an interview, they asserted the studies have established that with more research scientists can establish that aging is a reversible process.

Harvard and MIT

Following the publication of the study, several other scientists have concurred that the evidence provided in the study conducted by Harvard Medical Study is compelling. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times a biologist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology actually acknowledged that the professor had presented strong evidence in his study.

The Perfect Anti-Aging Cream

In view of the findings of the aforementioned study, many individuals looking for the perfect anti-aging cream are likely to reconsider the use of such cosmetics. While there is already some evidence that shows how a glass of red wine may slow down the natural aging process, only further research on the benefits of resveratrol will tell for sure.