What’s Hot in 2013 – New Breast Augmentation Options

Breast augmentation has always been one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in the world, but that hasn’t changed the fact that it doesn’t always look natural. Many claim that they can spot a pair of surgically enhanced breasts easily. They just look too round, too big or otherwise unnatural. Few cosmetic surgical procedures are going to look absolutely perfect for all patients, but breast augmentation procedures have gotten better, and it looks like they will continue to improve throughout 2013. Here are just a few breast augmentation trends to look for throughout the year.

Fat and Stem Cell Augmentations

One breast augmentation solution that is popular in Europe and Asia is to use fat or stem cells from the patient’s own body to increase bust size. Patients that have the extra fat deposits that are normally removed through liposuction can be removed from the body and grafted directly to the chest. The procedure is 100 percent natural and gives patients breasts that look and feel more natural than conventional implants. Plus, it can help sculpt the body when it is combined with liposuction.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

One of the dead giveaways that a woman has had a breast augmentation is the fact that her breasts look a little too big for her frame. These days, not a lot of patients ask for something as large as a D cup. Most ask for something more modest such as a full B or a small C cup. This practice is on the rise thanks to the use of 3D imaging technology that can show patients what they will look like with a particular cup size.

Many patients are also focusing on shape as well as cup size. One popular option is an anatomically shaped teardrop implant, which eliminates the telltale bulge that can be seen near the top of an augmented breast. Similar implant shape options have been very popular for some time outside of the United States, and we can expect to see them more throughout 2013 and beyond.

Other Implants

Breast implants are by far the most popular form of breast augmentation. In the past, implants have been made of either silicone or saline, but a new implant has recently begun the FDA approval process. This is known as the IDEAL implant, and it is composed of multiple smaller saline implants that are nested together. IDEAL implants have been described as looking and feeling more natural than traditional saline implants, yet they still don’t feel as natural as silicone. Still, they may still change the landscape of cosmetic surgery if they are approved and become popular with patients.