Waiting for Weight Loss

Weight Loss,  Liposuction?The general consensus for weight loss is that losing it in the stomach area is easiest. Weight in the hips and thighs, however, is more difficult. Estrogen plays a major role in how much fat is stored in various spots on the female body, and women are naturally designed to do so on their hips and thighs. In addition, as we get older, metabolism starts to slow down. Around age 25, it begins to slow by 5 to 10% with each subsequent decade. Combined with the power of estrogen and the lack of physical exercise, losing weight becomes very difficult as we get older.

Menopause can also affect our bodies, in more than one way. Those of us who are naturally slim may discover that they are starting to lose their waistlines. And no matter how much exercise you do, nothing will redistribute that body fat.

Women in particular tend to gain weight in their backs, leading to things like bra bulges or love handles. Liposuction can be done in this area, but it tends to be difficult for two reasons. One, the fat is kept in place by fibrous connective tissue. The doctor must be careful not to destroy a great deal of tissue while getting rid of the fat, so more time must be invested in this area. In fact, many doctors have a special treatment specifically for the back. In general, due to the difficulties in treating back fat, anyone who undergoes the procedure should have realistic expectations.