Cosmetic surgery videos for Tattoo Removal treatments at Epione of Beverly Hills (Los Angeles)

Using the new lasers with multiple light wavelengths, with several laser therapies directed to specific particular colors, your tattoo can be removed with an excellent cosmetic result, usually without any scarring and quite painlessly.

Tattoo Removal Videos

There are countless reasons why people, just like the ordinary individuals you see in these tattoo removal videos, decide to get tattoos. Unfortunately there are just as many reasons why the same people that you see in these tattoo removal videos then decide that they need to get those tattoos removed. Perhaps you got a tattoo of the name of a loved one, whom you later realized you no longer loved. Or maybe in your youth you made the mistake of joining a gang that required you to get tattoos to show your membership. Or maybe you simply went to a poor tattoo artist and received a poor quality tattoo that you are unhappy with. Whatever reason you have for wanting an old tattoo removed, just like the people you see in these tattoo removal videos, you should know that you have options.

Historically there was very little you could do in order to get ride of a tattoo that you were no longer pleased to have adorning your body. Old tattoo removal procedures, unlike the modern techniques you can see employed in these tattoo removal videos, were usually very painful and often ineffective. These methods could range from surgically cutting out pieces of the skin that were tattooed, to literally sanding down the outer layer of the skin in order to remove the image. Unfortunately both of these techniques almost always resulted in scarring that could be as unsightly or undesired as the tattoo that people were seeking to remove was in the first place.

Fortunately modern technology, particularly involving the development of laser technology, has allowed physicians to find ways to reduce or eliminate the visibility of tattoos with minimal impact on the surrounding tissues. As you see in these tattoo removal videos, lasers can be used to target the ink of a tattoo with great precision, breaking up the ink so that the body can clear it naturally. Depending on the size of your tattoo it is possible that you will require multiple sessions to fully remove a tattoo, and there is still some risk of scarring and other complications. For this reason, if you are considering a procedure like the ones you see in these tattoo removal videos you should take into account the fact that, on their own, a tattoo rarely if ever poses any threat to your health. If you are set on having a tattoo removed you should take great pains to research tattoo removal procedures and you should spend an equal amount of time researching the physicians that you have available in your area. It is of utmost importance that you select a cosmetic surgeon based on their qualifications and experience, and not solely on the price of the service they offer. You do not want to pay for a cheap tattoo removal only to find yourself burdened with a scar that you cannot remove at all. These tattoo removal videos are an excellent place to start in your search to educate yourself on this topic.