Vaginal Rejuvenation

Today, it is perfectly acceptable for women to have cosmetic procedures done to help keep their youthful appearance as long as possible. What some may not realize is that vaginal rejuvenation procedures exist to tighten the vaginal canal, fix discoloration, and restore the appearance of the labia. Many women claim that these procedures raise the level of enjoyment of sex between themselves and their partners.

Surgical and Laser Procedures

These were not available as recently as ten years ago. Now, estimates say that there are around 60, 000 vaginoplasty procedures done every year. This includes a number of different procedures that are both surgical and laser procedures. Even though these may not yet be considered mainstream cosmetic procedures, they are gaining popularity each year.

The aim of these procedures is to create a more youthful look and feel to the vagina. This is because over time the muscles can lose tone and become loose, the color can change and one may even find a change in the labia. Depending on the cosmetics doctor a person goes to and the type of work needed for the vagina, different procedures will be used.

Variety of treatments

Vaginoplasty, as mentioned above, is the most popular vaginal rejuvenation treatment. It aims to reduce the size of the vaginal canal and tighten the necessary muscles. An alternate procedure, known as clitoral unhooding, removes skin to expose the clitoris and allows women to enjoy greater sexual pleasure.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

The rise in popularity of vaginal rejuvenation procedures has been attributed to a variety of factors. The main purpose of these procedures is cosmetic. Women want to keep everything looking the best as long as possible. Even if the issues are slight, many feel that they need to be addressed promptly. Women also undergo such procedures if they feel as if their partner has an issue with their appearance.

Reasons for treatments

There are practical reasons to undergo these procedures as well. Occasionally, a woman’s labia will grow longer, causing discomfort in some situations. Such treatments can also be performed to help enhance sexual pleasure. For women that are unable to achieve orgasm, this may be the option they are looking for.

Potential Documentation

It is also important to understand all possible complications associated with any procedure in full. This is important when undergoing any cosmetic procedure, however, when it comes to an area such as the vagina, it is even more vital. Be sure to go for a consultation and speak with a surgeon in order to know what to expect in terms of recovery and pain.