Upper Arm Lift Surgery Gains in Popularity

arm liftPlastic surgery and cosmetics procedures have seen an increase in popularity over the last decade. Many new procedures and surgeries have been introduced to the market and prices have become more affordable. Cosmetic surgery procedures, especially dermal fillers, have been increasingly popular. However, it was the upper arm-lift cosmetic surgery that had the greatest rise in popularity between 2000 to2012, according to a recent plastic surgery report.

Eliminating Excess Skin

Those who successfully lose large amounts of weight end up with excess skin in various parts of the body, especially the upper arm. This makes many patients feel uncomfortable about their appearance when in many types social settings. However, advances in plastic surgery have rendered tummy tucks and upper arm-lifts effective in eliminating such skin.

When it comes to removing flabby skin under the arms, the influence of celebrities such as Michelle Obama has helped increase the trend. Doctors have noted that most people request a tummy tuck after losing weight and then later go under the knife to get rid of excess skin under the arms.

Additional Procedures – Buttocks Implant

While buttock implant procedures have gained popularity in the last few years, they registered a significant drop between 2011 and 2012. A report published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that butt lifts declined by 36% while butt implants fell by 25%. Doctors attribute this decline to a dip in excitement around the cosmetic surgery industry in relation to butt lifts and implants.

Chest Reduction

Contrary to popular belief, men of all ages go under the knife to enhance their looks. Men account for around 1.1 million cosmetic surgeries every year. One of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures among men is chest reduction. In fact, this procedure alone saw a 4% increase in 2012 compared to the same period in 2011.

Breast Augmentation

Among women, breast augmentation topped the list of most common surgical procedures despite dropping by seven percentage points since 2011. Despite the drop, plastic surgeons still performed about 286, 000 breast augmentations in 2012. Another cosmetic procedure that dropped in popularity is liposuction. Figures from the aforementioned report show that less than 10% of these surgical procedures are not purely cosmetic and as such, involve some form of reconstruction.