Understanding Body Contouring

Undergoing body contouring can be an exciting process. It uses the various sculpting processes done by plastic surgeons in order to reshape the body in nearly any area. You will be able to get rid of body fat you don’t want and can your skin made smooth and taut. It works well for those stubborn areas that don’t go away even with your healthy living habits. Let’s take a look at the various techniques used in body contouring, including liposuction and tummy tuck procedures.

Technique for Body Sculpting

Plastic and cosmetic surgery specialists use different techniques in order to sculpt your body and make it look much better. Some of these techniques include liposuction, which is a very popular technique for body sculpting. It takes fat out of certain areas using only a few small incisions. A suction machine removes the stubborn areas of fat deposits in your body and allows the area to be smooth and thinner.
The surgeon can do a tummy tuck, which is also called an abdominoplasty. It gets rid of extra skin that is hanging down from your belly. The surgeon often does this in combination with a liposuction or with a full body lift. Full body lifts are big procedures to have done but are necessary in some cases.
Body lifts are done on any body area that has excess skin on it. This can include the thighs, the upper arms or the buttocks. Such lifts keep the body areas toned and temporarily immune from the effects of gravity. You can have part of your body lifted or the entire body lifted in a single procedure.
In some cases, you might need body implants. These are a part of body sculpting and actually add implanted areas onto your body. Your breasts can be implanted as can your buttocks. Even areas in your biceps, pectoral areas, and calf can have silicone implants placed to contour the body.

How our Body Image is Affected

If you find yourself uncomfortable when you look in the mirror, you are having body image problems. It can affect your social life, your personal life and your life at work. Your entire confidence can be affected. For this reason, many people undergo body contouring in order to look the way they want to look. Finally, you can look great in a bathing suit and not have to worry about cellulite. Fat removal, removal of excess skin, and cellulite removal can counter your body’s insecurities and you’ll feel better about yourself.

Looking for a great Contouring Physician

Use a search engine search or the Yellow Pages to find a surgeon who does body contouring. Contact a consultant and find out what procedures would be necessary and see if this seems like the surgeon for you. Get references from other patients if those are available. Then find out how many of the procedures you are interested in, the surgeon has done before.