Types of Non-Invasive Body Procedures

Sometimes you don’t need to go through invasive procedures to improve your appearance. You can undergo one of these non-invasive procedures in order to change your appearance without cutting or surgery.

Acne Therapy

If you have body acne, you can go ahead and use a variety of noninvasive skincare products that can get rid of acne. Retin-A is a medication you can take that treats acne without any surgery. Blue Light Therapy works as well.

Body Fat Transfer

This is often used for facial augmentation and takes fat from elsewhere in the body and puts it in areas under the facial skin to plump up the lips or add fat to the cheek bones so they don’t look sunken.

Tattoo Removal using Laser

Using laser removal for tattoos uses a laser device to laser off the tattoo from under the skin. It breaks up the tattoo ink so that the body absorbs it.


This is a technique where fat cells are dissolved into liquid form so that you can remove it naturally. Vitamins, natural substances and enzymes are what are injected under the skin. Mesotherapy non-surgical body treatments transform unwanted fat into a liquid form that can be easily removed. It is not like liposuction because no fat is sucked out of the body.


This is used to as an abrasive on the body to remove the topmost layer of cells in the skin. You appear younger after it is done and it is done on the entire body.

Reconstruction of Skin Cancer

You can improve the scarring and appearance of areas that had skin cancer removed using skin reconstruction techniques.

Stretch Mark Removal

You can remove stretch marks that you have gotten through weight gain, weight loss or pregnancy. The procedure involves using a laser to remove the appearance of the stretch marks so that you look younger and more healthy-looking.

Removing Veins

There are a lot of ways to remove veins, including natural techniques, laser techniques and plastic surgery techniques. Doctors use a procedure called sclerotherapy in order to treat small spider veins and even bigger veins in the body. You can remove veins on the lower body and even on the face.