If you think it is only ladies who worry about their hair, you need to think again. You see, a lot of people around the world are worried about the quality and the quantity of the hair on their heads. Now, you cannot blame them because long and thick hair makes people look beautiful. Physical beauty is connected to self confidence and self esteem. So, if you are a young man with a receding hairline, there is no point in envying your friends who still have thick forests of hair.

Depending on the state of your scalp and the length (or lack of length) of your hair, you may go for a hair transplant or hair replacement treatment.

Baldness has a lot to do with the condition of your hair follicles. Sometimes, the hair follicles begin to shrink and when this happens for a while, these follicles get to a stage where they can no longer produce enough follicles to replace lost or weak ones. At this point, your hair begins to disappear. The hair can be persuaded to re-appear again. It is just a simple matter of encouraging the follicles to start working again by scientific and cosmetic methods.

One great way to give yourself a new lease of life is to have a hair transplant. This is a matter of transplanting healthy and productive hair follicles from one part of the scalp to another. This process also involves tissue expansion, scalp flaps, strip grafts and scalp reduction. Hair transplants work best for men who have the traditional male pattern baldness and it is a very effective procedure. In fact, Manchester United soccer star, Wayne Rooney had a hair transplant a while back and now, he is flaunting his new-found hair proudly on England’s soccer pitches.

Another great option to treat hair loss is the Botox hair replacement treatment. This procedure is basically a matter of injecting the right chemicals into the scalp to improve hair growth on specific parts of the scalp. These chemicals can improve blood flow and this may rejuvenate the scalp. The result may be increased hair growth.

As stated already, hair loss is not too good for your self confidence. Fortunately, Epione can offer you treatment options. Take action now and give yourself a new lease of life.