Breast Scar Removal

Scars are among the most unsightly conditions that can afflict your skin. They are most commonly the result of injuries, but are also natural occurrences accompanying surgeries, and occasionally from simple skin conditions such as acne. Though they may be very common, most people would rather be rid of their scars and women are generally more likely to seek scar removal than men. It would seem that “chicks do not dig scars” at least not when they occur on their own body. Scarring can occur anywhere on the body and it is certainly not unheard of that a woman would seek to have a breast scar removed. Particularly women who have undergone breast augmentation or breast reduction will be likely to seek removal of a breast scar. After a surgery to the breast like a breast augmentation or reduction scarring is very common, and varies from patient to patient. Breast scar removal is performed in the same way that a scar removal in any other part of the body would be, and the specific procedure you undergo will depend on the nature and extent of your scarring. In cases of deep or severe scarring it is possible that a portion of the scar tissue would actually be cut away and then the surrounding tissue would be pulled together. Other forms of breast scar removal may include laser treatments which work by focusing a highly concentrated beam of light on the scar tissue burning away the scar tissue with great precision a tiny fraction of an inch at a time resulting in a smoother surface which reduces the appearance of the scar.

No scar removal treatment can guarantee that there will be absolutely no remaining appearance of a scar and if you go into a procedure with this expectation you will be disappointed. The best candidates for breast scar removal are healthy, both physically and emotionally, and have a good understanding of the sort of procedure that they are going to undergo and have realistic expectations of the results they are likely to achieve. Whatever sort of procedure you are considering for breast scar removal you should be aware that there is a wealth of information about breast scar removal available both online and in hard copy that should be invaluable to helping you make the correct choice. If possible you should seek out before and after pictures of someone with a condition similar to your own who has undergone breast scar removal as that is probably the single best way to get an idea of what you can expect from a breast scar removal. Regardless of what sort of procedure you do eventually decide on undergoing with your surgeon, you need to pay extremely good attention to the instructions that you receive from your doctor regarding your care both before and after the procedure, as these periods are integral to ensuring you get the result you are looking for.

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