One would be hard pressed to try and find a person that does not want a slimmer, more toned physique. Dieting and exercise are the most obvious routes, but more often than not this is not quite enough. Some people need an extra push — something that pushes them over that final hurdle in the race for the perfect body. With advanced ultrasound technology, Ultrashape provides the perfect solution to the problem.

Unlike invasive plastic surgery procedures, Ultrashape assists people in their pursuit for that bikini-ready body without any surgical complications or unwanted discomfort. This quick “lunch time” procedure is as simple as having a seat and waiting for technology to do all the hard work.

Ultrashape FDA Approval

Until recently, Ultrashape skeptics were keeping interested parties at bay. However, the new Ultrashape FDA approval has rendered these naysayers thin on the ground. Clinical trials have shown that this procedure reduces fat deposits by an impressive margin without causing patients any harm. With a success rate of 84% – 96% it seems fairly clear that this non-invasive fat reduction procedure is bound sway even the most hardened critics in its favor. It would appear that fat cells do not stand the slightest chance in the face of this technology.
Many other liposuction alternatives have achieved popularity without FDA approval. Ultrashape has proven to be a cut above the rest in virtually every way, especially considering the fact that it has exceeded expectations in legal clinical trials.

Ultrashape Ultrasound

This procedure harnesses the power of ultrasound technology to provide patients with a viable liposuction alternative. Acoustic waves of ultrasonic energy are targeted directly at pockets of fat in the subcutaneous layer of fat found under the skin. The ultrasonic energy is emitted in short pulses, allowing proper control over temperature and the target area.

While other liposuction alternatives rely on heat to melt fat cells, Ultrashape ultrasound breaks down the targeted fat cells mechanically. Fat deposits are destroyed instantly and then naturally metabolized by the body. The dead fat cells are then excreted from the body through the same pathways that are employed during traditional weight loss programs.

This fat reduction treatment focuses on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and love handles. Each of these areas is well-known for its stubbornness on almost every diet. After losing large amounts of weight, these specific areas tend to harbor fat deposits for long periods of time.

Ultrashape Before and After

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Ultrashape Side Effects

Side effects are every patient’s biggest concern during every cosmetic procedure. While more invasive treatments, like liposuction, come with an endless list of uncomfortable side effects and a long recovery period, the same cannot be said for Ultrashape side effects. This procedure is considered safe and entirely non-invasive. Patients usually suffer no pain during or after the procedure.

Some patients have reported a tingling sensation during the procedure, but nothing too serious to handle. Most patients report slight redness of the skin after treatment and some mild discomfort. Less frequent, are reports of bruising and skin irritation. Any of these symptoms tend to disappear within a day or two, without necessitating any additional medication.

Each treatment session targets a relatively small zone of the body. This means that even if there is any discomfort, the recovery time will be quite short. Most patients are able to get back to their daily routine without any downtime at all. Taking an afternoon off might not be a bad idea in terms of relaxation and allowing the body to adjust.

Although many patients sit through three sessions (spaced over a few months), many of them are happy with the results after their initial treatment. In these cases, they do not require any additional sessions. This makes Ultrashape cost more flexible than other fat reduction and cellulite removal procedures.

This treatment does not require any long-term maintenance products. Patients are not required to invest in products designed to extend the shelf life of the procedure. Similarly, there is no need to purchase painkillers of any kind. Patients pay for their treatment sessions and nothing else.

Ultrashape Reviews

The average percentage of satisfied clients ranges between 80% and 100%. Many Ultrashape reviews indicate that patients are more than happy with the results of the procedure, claiming that it is superior to other popular liposuction alternatives. Both men and women have shown their delight at the results, with a wide range of “before and after” photographs and success stories posted all over the Internet.

Most patients are impressed with the lack of anesthesia and the distinct absence of post-operational marks. In modern society, people are almost constantly on the hunt for cosmetic procedures that can be completed quickly and easily in their lunch hour or afternoon off. The fact that there is no required downtime means that the procedure fits perfectly into the lifestyle of every modern businessman or woman.

Ultrashape V3

The Ultrashape V3 is a step up from the original Ultrashape technology. With this newer version of the procedure, the manufacturer has managed to fine-tune the effects of the ultrasonic pulses. While the original treatment continues to provide patients with the desired results, it is clear that the newer version is superior in terms of fad reduction and skin tightening.

Clinical trials and FDA approval have led to the development of an ultrasound fat removal procedure that is effective, painless (reportedly), and affordable. Instead of diving into riskier cosmetic surgery options, patients would do well to consider the benefits of a fat and cellulite reduction treatment that offers significant results without all the discomfort.