Liposonix Custom Contouring


Liposonix Custom Contouring is a new method for reducing and eliminating targeted body fat. The revolutionary thermal treatment uses ultrasound technology to burn away stubborn areas of fat. It is considered a safe, non-surgical, and non-invasive solution for a slimmer, more flattering waistline.

The Liposonix method is not for everyone. The treatment is designed for men and women who want to shed those last few pounds or lose that last stubborn inch around their waist. Overweight and obese people who have several pounds to lose should focus their efforts on diet, exercise, weight loss, and physical health before considering Liposonix.

The Ideal Liposonix Candidate

However, for those who are close to their ideal size and shape, Liposonix is the perfect solution. It can help them attain their aesthetic goal quickly and easily, with very little downtime and at a relatively modest expense. While costs do vary from patient to patient, they are comparable to other non-invasive procedures and more affordable than liposuction surgery.

How can people decide if Liposonix is the right treatment method? A doctor is the best person to make the decision. But a few general factors can make the determination easier. Good candidates should be able to pinch an inch of fat on the waist or other treatment area. They should have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or less, and be in good physical health. And they should have realistic expectations regarding potential results.

The Liposonix Treatment

An understanding of how the body metabolizes fat can help people better understand how Liposonix works. Consulting with a doctor can answer any questions that a Liposonix candidate may have.

Liposonix Custom Contouring takes about an hour for an inch of fat. It is used primarily for the waist, abdomen, and love handles. After the treatment head is placed on the treatment area, high-intensity energy targets the fat, destroying the fat cells beneath the skin’s surface.

The process creates a continuous lesion in the fat, without harming the skin. The body then removes the treated tissue through natural healing processes. The result is a trimmer, contoured waistline.

Liposonix Treatment Side Effects

During Liposonix Custom Contouring, patients may feel the slight discomfort of a tingling sensation, or they may feel cold or hot. After treatment, they may experience additional discomfort, with mild swelling and bruising. Most people experience a short downtime after Liposonix treatments.

Liposonix patients usually see results after just one treatment. The full results are evident within twelve weeks of treatment. One treatment may be all it takes to reduce by one inch, which normally equals one pant or dress size.

Alternatives to Liposonix

Liposonix is not an alternative to diet and exercise, nor does it replace liposuction or surgical weight loss. Some people require surgery, or elect to have surgery, to address weight and fat issues. But surgery is an expensive, invasive option that requires extensive healing and downtime. While some patients choose surgery for cosmetic reasons, doctors usually recommend it for health reasons.

Liposonix Custom Contouring is considered a complement to physical exercise, healthy nutrition, and a sensible weight loss plan. It can help dieters who are experiencing a plateau as they near the end of their weight loss. It may be an ideal solution for those who are trying to lose that last inch of fat around their waist.

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