As people age, their faces and necks will begin to naturally lose their youthful fullness and volume, causing skin and tissue to lose elasticity- creating wrinkles and a loose, sagging appearance about the face, the neck, and their contours. No matter who you are, your face will inevitably experience the effects of aging.

However, there is good news for those who want to reverse the signs of again in a non-invasive, natural way with no surgical downtime: Ultherapy®.

What is Ultherapy®?

Ultherapy® is a FDA-approved non-invasive facial skin rejuvenation procedure that utilizes ultrasonic technology to tighten, tone, and lift skin, muscle, and tissue on the face and neck by stimulating the body’s own innate healing processes; it has been considered a non-surgical alternative to the facelift procedure. Ultherapy® is the first and only FDA-approved cosmetic structural tissue lifting procedure available.

Why is Ultherapy® effective?

The reason Ultherapy® is so effective is that it is capable of non-invasively targeting and stimulating the deep layers of your skin that previously could only be reached through surgical means.

The power of Ultherapy® comes from focused, ultrasound energy that gently heats up predetermined, targeted areas on the face and neck with low levels of precise sound waves. The cosmetic surgeon can adjust the strength of the waves and control the depth to which they will penetrate.

This stimulation of the deep layers of your skin encourages your body to produce fresh collagen, which is a protein in your body that gives skin its youthful firmness and fullness. As people age, collagen production in their bodies begins to naturally decrease, diminishing its elastic capacity. But with just one session of Ultherapy®, increased collagen production is encouraged, returning a toned, youthful look about patients’ faces and necks.

Ultherapy® also uses the patented DeepSEE® ultrasound imaging technology which helps the plastic surgeon “see” the intended, targeted locations, ensuring that each ultrasound sound wave has been optimized to bring about the most effective results.

Who is a good candidate for Ultherapy®?

Because Ultherapy® can mimic the results of a surgical facelift, it is highly ideal for patients who would like to rejuvenate their facial skin through non-surgical, cost-effective measures, with no needed downtime to recover from a facial rejuvenation procedure.

Patients who want to reduce the visible signs of aging on their faces but have no time to make room in their busy schedules for a recovery period after a surgical facial rejuvenation procedure- such as the facelift– are likely good candidates for Ultherapy®.

What to expect during an Ultherapy® procedure

Ultherapy® is a relatively quick facial skin rejuvenation procedure, typically requiring only a half an hour to an hour to complete.

Ultherapy® procedures will begin with a cleaning of the areas to be treated, after which a special gel will be applied in order to facilitate the transportation of the ultrasound waves to their intended locations.

The ultrasound waves from the Ultherapy® technology and the ultrasound imaging technology from DeepSEE® are delivered through a hand-held device that contains the transducers that actually transmits the waves from the device to the deep layers of skin. The digital imagining information is transferred and stored on a touch-screen tabletop control unit.

Some level of pain or discomfort may be experienced, but most patients report that it is not enough to require anesthesia, though comfort levels will vary from patient to patient.

What to expect after an Ultherapy® therapy procedure

Some mild redness, swelling, and sensitivity of the treatment areas is to be expected for the first few days after an Ultherapy® procedure, though those effects should dissipate within that time.

Since Ultherapy® is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure, patients are able to get back to their regular routines right away, with no special post-procedure recovery steps required.

Although patients may notice some immediate results, full results may not be realized until two to three months after the Ultherapy® procedure.