The desire to maintain a youthful appearance is as old as humanity. Throughout time men and women have tried a variety of possible solutions to the problem of aging. Technological advances have enabled the development of a new treatment, known as Thermage, for keeping the skin on your face, hands and body looking young, soft and radiant.

What Is Thermage?

Thermage is a therapy for your skin that utilizes the receptiveness of the dermis and epidermis to radio frequencies. Technicians focus bursts of radio-frequency energy on the surface of your skin. This energy input kick starts your body’s innate ability to renew, repair and rejuvenate. This ability tapers off as you leave childhood and the young adult years. Thermage replaces this lost capacity for renewal with a combination of heat energy to awaken deep tissues and cooling treatment to protect the integrity of your skin and keep you comfortable during the process.

How Does It Work?

Treatment occurs in four steps. The skin is initially cooled in order to maintain patient comfort levels and preserve the safety of the skin on the surface. The physician then places the tip of a specially designed device against the skin at the chosen points of treatment. The physician initiates bursts of radio-frequency energy that penetrate deep into the skin. Cryogen is finally administered to cool the underlying tissues and prevent inadvertent damage.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The side effects of Thermage are rare and typically do not have significant impact when they do occur. Sometimes patients experience pain on the skin surface due to swelling, redness and even small blisters. On the occasions when these do occur, they usually fade away in a two or three days.


Typically, any surface discoloration that results from the treatment fades in a couple of hours. Swelling may take as long as a week to subside. However, the more swelling and redness that occurs, the more rejuvenation you will likely see in the results.

Typical Results

The primary effect of Thermage treatment is a tightening of sagging skin. This has multiple effects. Your eyes may become more defined as a result of skin tightening around them. In fact, all of your natural features may regain definition, such as your jaw and neckline. This treatment may also smooth out bulges, wrinkles and other blemishes that are visible on the surface of the skin.

One advantage of this treatment is its targeted effects. Some other products and treatments are applied generally and may have different effects on different portions of your skin. With Thermage, the physician can target specific areas of your skin to treat.