Fat Transfer Injections to the Face

About Fat Transfer to the Face in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles.

Fat transfer is a procedure that plumps up creased, furrowed, or sunken facial skin. It adds fullness to lips and the backs of hands. Fat Transfer to the face and facial area works best on thin, dry, light-colored skin. The procedure uses one’s own liposuctioned fat from the abdomen, thighs, or other donor sites.

Alternatives to a Fat Transfer could be Collagen, Radiesse, Restylane or Juvéderm.

The best candidates for a Fat Transfer to the Face and Facial Area injections are men and women who are physically healthy, psychologically stable, and realistic in their expectations. Typical patients are 18 or older. If you are an individual in Los Angeles seeking Fat Transfer Treatments, please contact our office for more information.

During the procedure Fat is first suctioned from another location, typically the abdomen, thighs or other designated areas. The selected Fat is then cleaned and processed. The Fat is then immediately injected into the desired areas for treatment. Typically two to three treatments are required over a six-month period to correct most dermal depressions. Usually, the results and improvements with this procedure are progressive. After the first Fat Transfer to the Face and Facial Area Treatment you may not see much change, but each additional treatment yields more improvements. Rather than getting re-injected every 4–6 months, as with Collagen, Fat is front loaded. This means that 2 or 3 treatments are done in a fairly rapid succession, and then no more re-augmentation is done for a year or more.

Typical side effects range from temporary stinging, throbbing, or burning sensation. There can also be faint redness, swelling, excess fullness to treated areas. There are small risks of contour irregularities, and infection.

The Physician will inject Fat with a fine-gauge needle. Most patients have found these injections uncomfortable and prefer some anesthetic. If this is the case in your situation, ask your physician about local anesthetics, such as those used in facial or dental surgery. Typically there is no lengthy recovery time needed after treatment.

It is important for any patient to not take any form of Aspirin or Ibuprofen for 48 hours before a Fat Transfer procedure. Before the treatment begins the Physician will apply a topical numbing cream. Typically this is applied 45 minutes prior to the treatment.

After the Fat Transfer Treatment the patient will need to place ice packs on the lips or other treated areas. Massage the treated area every 15 minutes for the first few hours.

If you are interested in the Fat Transfer to the Face and Facial Area Treatment, please contact our office for a consultation appointment.

Fat Transfer for the Face Testimonials

“I wanted to have more luscious lips for many years but was allergic to collagen. So when I heard about the new alternatives I thought I would give it a try. Five months later, and I still like the results; gorgeous lips.”
— Marcia S. Pasadena CA