Treatments Provide Hair Loss Relief

Is Hair Loss a Problem?

There is a reason why people often refer to hair as one’s “crowning glory”. Hair not only defines the face, it is also an important component of one’s aesthetic appeal. Not only does it make one appear beautiful, it also helps promote confidence and healthy self-esteem. When one begins to lose their hair, they begin losing some amount of self-confidence, whether one admits it or not. Although traditionally an issue with men, hair loss is also a problem for women. Thankfully, with demand for more treatments also come innovative approaches to correct hair loss and grow healthy hair.

What You Can Do Right Now

There are products that may provide immediate and very affordable solutions to hair loss. The benefit to using these products is that they offer instant results. The problem is that these results are temporary and sometimes unsatisfactory. Products used for hair loss are generally topical in nature and often messy to apply and use.

Hair Transplant

Many patients think that hair transplantation consists mainly of removing punch grafts or plugs of hair from other parts of the head and transplanting it on the bald spots. The truth is that there are other techniques that can be used to address baldness through a surgical approach. Depending on the case and on the patient’s preference, techniques such as strip grafts, tissue expansion, scalp reduction and scalp flaps may also be used. The surgical approach has improved remarkably in recent years, so patients can expect better results permanently. Hair transplantation is effective because it takes a portion of the unaffected hair and moves it to the damaged area. This may result in permanent hair growth, and your transplanted hair will grow just as the other healthy hairs on one’s scalp.

Botox/Vitamin Hair Replacement

Botox may be used with a cocktail mix of vitamins and injected directly into the scalp in order to stimulate hair follicles, encourage blood flow and improve scalp tissues. This treatment creates a healthy environment in the scalp, preparing it for the growth of new, healthy hair.


Revivogen allows the patient to play an active role in correcting hair loss. Better yet, he or she can perform the treatment at home. The treatment consists of scalp therapy and application of hair treatment products such as shampoo and conditioner. With regular use, this treatment can condition the scalp, stimulate hair follicles and encourage the growth of healthy hair.