OptiLipo is a procedure that targets fat cells for destruction and natural elimination. It is non-invasive, without impact to the surface of the skin. As it is non-invasive, candidates are not exposed to all the potential side-effects of traditional surgery such as liposuction. These include: infection, excessive bleeding and scarring, as well as extra skin or loose skin. There is also no need for anesthesia or sedation with their attendant risks.

How OptiLipo works

Careful, directed use of cooling technology to cause the death of fat cells without injuring the skin’s surface. The body’s natural mechanism will eventually eliminate these dead fat cells.

The best candidate for OptiLipo has specific pockets of fat that they wish to eliminate but is otherwise physically fit. The ideal areas to target are the jowls, love handles, belly and bra bulge.

OptiLipo requires no downtime. Common side effects, which are typically short-term, include redness, tenderness tingling, soreness and cramping. Common liposuction side effects may include significant bruising and swelling. Liposuction recipients may have to wear a compression garment following surgery. It is not uncommon for downtime following liposuction to be 4–10 weeks.

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