Body Treatment for Sun Damaged Skin

Many individuals today suffer from sun damaged skin. Sun damaged skin can result in the advanced appearance of aging. Epione strives to offer individuals of Los Angeles sun damaged skin treatment that is both cutting edge and safe.

About Sun Damaged Skin

There are basically two forms of sun damage that affect the skin. One is acute sun damage. This is damage that is caused to the skin due to sunburns. The second main type is chronic sun damage. This is when the skin is continuously damaged over a period of time, causing the skin’s appearance to gradually alter over time. Treatment for sun damaged skin is important to offset these changes.

Sun damaged skin can drastically advance the appearance of aging. Typically the overall texture of the skin is rough, with numerous fine and course wrinkles. Some individuals experience a change in pigmentation. In more advanced states of sun damage the dermis layer of skin becomes thick and takes on a yellowish look. It is very important to seek treatment for sun damaged skin before it reaches an advanced stage.

One of the current treatment options is the CoolFractional Laser Treatment. This procedure corrects damaged skin by affecting only a fraction of the skin at a time. Thousands of tiny microscopic laser spots remove the damaged areas. If you would like to learn more about this treatment for sun damaged skin, please call our office for a private consultation appointment.

Common alternatives to the CoolFractional Laser Treatment would be Coolaser technique, chemical peel, Blue Light Therapy or IPL.

The unique aspect of the CoolFractional Laser is that it works with your body to correct the damage. With the help of thousands of tiny microscopic laser spots, little “wounds” are created within the treatment area. These “wounds” then trigger the body’s natural healing process, thus accelerating the production of collagen and healthy skin cells. This process will occur over the following weeks and months after treatment. The body begins to repair the deeper dermal tissue that has been affected by the CoolFractional Laser treatment, resulting in healthier more youthful appearing skin.

Due to the gentleness of the non-ablative treatment, the CoolFractional Laser may offer a more rapid recovery time than other, more aggressive treatments. This is a huge benefit, thus resulting in it becoming a popular treatment option. If you are in Los Angeles and seeking sun damaged skin treatments, please call our office for more information regarding the CoolFractional Laser Treatment.

Reasons why you should chose Epione for CoolFractional Laser Treatment

  1. Performed in the doctor’s office by highly skilled physicians.
  2. Individualized Treatment Plan
  3. Reverse the appearance of find and course wrinkles that result from sun damage.

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Patients should understand that after the process their skin will have a bronze appearance that typically lasts anywhere from 3 to 14 days depending on the treatment level. Flaking is a natural side effect of treatment. Your skin will exfoliate as new skin is produced. The results of this treatment are gradual. It will take time for the skin to heal, creating the desired result.

Swelling and redness are common side effects of treatment. Typically swelling is minimal and disappears after a day or two. If it does not, then the patient may contact our office for a follow up appointment.

The staff at Epione offer Los Angeles sun damaged skin treatments in various formats. The CoolFractional Laser Treatment is just one option available. If interest, please meet with one of our physicians to see if this is a viable treatment for sun damaged skin option for you.

Laser Resurfacing Aftercare Instructions