The Latest News on Dermal Filler

For those fighting the good fight against Father Time, wrinkles and other signs of aging are constant concerns. The latest trend involves injectables, high tech products that help erase years from the face.

Resuscitating Deflated Skin

While wrinkles are a real problem, deflated skin also contributes to an aged look. Reflation is one option that helps fill in deflated areas of the skin that are so common later in life. Reflation is a technique that uses hyaluronic acid based fillers injected into the deeper layers of the skin to return a more vibrant look to sagging skin. Patients are getting Reflation injections around the eyes, nose, and cheeks to recuperate a rounded, wrinkle-free look. The forehead and temples are also hot spots for Reflation therapy, which typically requires up to three office visits. Injections will have to be done again six months later.

Dazzling Eyes

For treating fine lines around the eyes, Carboxy, a carbon dioxide based injectable, is a viable option in Brazil. This procedure works by increasing the circulation, helping to flush out built up fluids and promote collagen renewal.

The Nose Knows

While the eyes and forehead are obvious areas of concern, the nose is yet another area that often shows signs of aging. Again, the loss of fatty tissue is to blame, leaving the skin closer to the bone and cartilage that may, in fact, be uneven. Rather than running to a surgeon for a cosmetic overhaul, fillers can be used to even out the appearance, leaving it, and the entire face, looking years younger. This outpatient procedure is quick and costs less than a rhinosplasty.

Luscious Lips

The delicate skin in this area is one of the first places to show signs of aging. A great option to obliterate the appearance of small wrinkles around the lips is to inject Belotero Balance, which immediately erases lip lines and helps offer a younger, fuller appearance. Some bruising can be expected for up to a week after the injection, but should then subside.

Sculpting Without the Scalpel

Not yet FDA approved, Voluma offers an injectable way to mold the face, particularly the jaw line, into the desired shape without going under the knife. Another outpatient procedure requiring less than 15 minutes, Voluma’s results last for over a year.

Fat grafting can also be used to fill in hollowed out areas, like upper eyelids. A similar principal, stimulating collagen and elastin for a more youthful look, makes the soon-to-be-approved LIPO-102 an exciting new tool for those trying to beat the clock.