The Latest Beauty Innovations

The world of beauty products, skincare and cosmetics is always evolving and changing to cater to patients that have been searching high and low for something that enhances their looks and skin as they age. From wrinkle defense to treatments and makeup with all sorts of new technology, there is a constant stream of products with miracle-working properties that will become must-haves in a woman’s beauty collection.

Dermal Filler Improvements

For those wishing to have younger looking skin using filling agents without going through the pain of injections, Artiste now makes it less stressful experience. While most filling agents are administered by doctors manually pressing on the plunger of a syringe, Artiste delivers a continuous flow of fillers and sterile fluids controlled via a foot pedal that uses pressure driven by carbon dioxide. Without the manual injection so often used by doctors, patients are reported by the company to experience less bruising and swelling after the procedure, and thus a quicker healing time because the filling agents are dispensed in slow, consistent and controlled amounts.

New Laser Technology

Laser treatment technology such as IPL or Intense Pulsed Light has recently been updated, especially for those with darker skin types who face more variables when it comes to using laser on their skin. This is due to darker skin absorbing more light than other skin types and thus increasing chances of side effects such as burns or pigmentation of the skin. The Palomar Skintel Melanin Reader is a new breed of melanin indexing technology cleared by the FDA that now allows for a safer light-based treatment for all skin types. Essentially, the attached reader can gauge the melanin or pigment level and also the density of a person’s skin so that the doctor administering the laser treatment can set the machine accordingly. This is reported to ensures that the skin is not damaged and thus becomes a more effective treatment while minimizing risk and complications.

Acne Blasting Treatments

Acne can be quite a distressing experience when it becomes unmanageable; from outbreaks of blackheads and pimples to severe cysts, that when left untreated can be painful and could cause anxiety for sufferers of the condition. A new oral pill that is FDA-approved consists of a form of isotretinoin which is derived from vitamin A and is a potent treatment for acne. While other acne pills also consist of forms of isotretinoin, they normally have to be taken with fatty foods to ensure that the pill is properly absorbed and distributed into the body to be fully effective. The pills are supposedly absorbed better by the body and do not rely on food or even fat to assist with distributing the isotretinoin to the body. Obtained only with a prescription, these capsules come with side effects, as is common with any use of forms of isotretonoin. Despite a high propensity for headaches, back pain and dry skin, this new treatment is still recommended for those with extreme cases of acne such as nodular and cystic acne.