The Good and Bad of Botox

Dr. Simon Ourian injecting BotoxBotox is the latest in cosmetics treatments. However, as convenient as these treatments are, there are concerns about the effects and a lot of misunderstanding on the part of patients who seek them out.

Excellent examples of the kinds of problems involved are seen in the visages of celebrities. This actress assured the writer of the article that she had never tried plastic surgery but had indulged in Botox on one occasion. She sounded regretful, to say the least. Her one pointed comment was that she had tried it, got out of it and that she could finally move her face again.

This is not an uncommon complaint from people who try Botox and are unsatisfied with the results. Unfortunately, people tend to see Botox, and many other cosmetic treatments and surgeries, as magic. They do not understand that the results are created by certain factors, which they may find unpleasant.

What Is Botox?

Even many people who undergo Botox treatments are not aware that the substances in the needles, which they use to inject their skin, are filled with a toxin. In fact, it is one of the most powerful toxins around. There is little to fear as long as the injection, however, is made into muscle tissue. The toxin does not travel to vital organs this way. Instead, it paralyzes the surrounding muscles.

This paralysis is the source of the solution to wrinkling that Botox provides. Muscles frequently tense up in areas throughout the body, as a way of keeping the nervous system functioning. In wrinkled areas, this tension has become constant and results in wrinkled skin. When Botox paralyzes the muscles, the tension disappears and so do the wrinkles.

Nicole Kidman Talks About Botox

This muscle paralysis is beneficial to appearance but it can be frustrating. Some people who have sought Botox have been upset afterward about the loss of mobility in their muscles and the consequent difficulty in forming expressions. It was to this inability that Nicole Kidman was probably referring. She probably felt that she could not express anger, happiness, and other emotions appropriately due to this paralysis.

The Difference between Good Botox Treatments and Bad Treatments

This sort of occurrence allows one to distinguish between good and bad Botox treatments. When Botox treatments are performed correctly, one simply looks rested and younger in the eyes of the people around them. The tension has been removed. When Botox treatments are poorly applied, the patient ends up suffering what Nicole Kidman suffered. One may feel as if one’s face has been entirely paralyzed and everyone can see that one has had Botox injected.