The Fountain of Youth For Youth

Younger and younger patients are clamoring for cosmetic surgery as they grow more focused on their appearance, according to Doctor Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Medical Corporation in Beverly Hills. He has noted a jump in 30 to 40 year old patients who are starting to see the signs of aging, and want to stop the wrinkles and crow’s feet in their tracks.

Older people (those above 40) still prefer traditional facelifts. However, maintenance, not revision, is the focus of this younger crowd. What we’re seeing right now is a big shift from the idea that it makes sense to wait until you are middle aged or older and then undergo a surgical facelift towards doing maintenance treatments along the way and maybe obviating the need to have surgery altogether, ” Dr. Simon Ourian notes. Younger men and women are signing up for newer, smaller scale procedures such as Coolaser and CoolFractional Laser treatments, and they are taking advantage of these options to achieve results that look very natural and appropriate.”

Since younger patients tend to have more collagen and less free radical damage to the skin, it is not surprising that they would choose less invasive procedures. In addition, this crowd has to focus on their careers as well. The traditional methods take a great deal of time and energy, both for the process and for the recovery. The average 30 year old has no time for a protracted convalescence, in particular due to their need to establish themselves on the job. Time spent away from work is time wasted. As a result, simple lunchtime procedures that require days, not months, to heal and can be performed in minutes, not hours, are perfect for this age group.