The Benefits of Permanent Makeup

This procedure is also called cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation and is a way to add permanent “makeup” to a patient’s skin. It is wonderful for those who don’t have time to put on makeup all the time or who have really sensitive skin that doesn’t tolerate the wearing of makeup.

How do they do permanent makeup?

It’s basically a type of tattooing so that tattoo pigment is injected into the higher layers of the skin. It is done with a regular tattoo machine or a coil-type machine. Pen machines and rotary machines are available, too. The makeup can fade a bit over time but are, for practical purposes, permanent.

Doctors may need to touch up the makeup after they do the original tattooing. Doctors often include the price of having to touch it up at least once in the total cost. It takes about 1 to 2 hours or more to have the procedure done, depending on what you’re having done. You can use:

Eye Makeup that is Permanent

You can do this procedure in many different ways. One way is to put on permanent eyeliner to enhance the eyes. Another way is to put on permanent eye shadow in whatever color you want it to be. Eye shadow is difficult to put on so make sure you have an experienced practitioner.

Eye Brow Makeup that is Permanent

You can make permanent make up look just like hairs so that you can recreate the shape and appearance of the eyebrows. This is good for people who have lost their eyebrows due to chemotherapy or other conditions.

Lip Makeup that is Permanent

If you want to change the shape of your lips and if you want to avoid having to put on lipstick all the time, this is the procedure for you. You can choose any shade you’d like, including natural colors and more ornate colors. Your lips can be fuller and more luscious if you put on the permanent makeup in such a way as to enhance the shape of the lips.

Benefits and Risks of this Procedure

This is a good procedure for highly allergic individuals or for people who don’t have the time or skill to put the makeup on themselves. An experienced cosmetic technician can make permanent makeup look totally realistic.

The risks are the same as any tattoo. You can get bleeding or an infection or you may not like the outcome of the procedure. You may have some localized tenderness in the area of the tattooing. Some people can get hypertrophied keloid scars that are a result of a reaction to the tattooing. The tattoos may interfere with having an MRI exam. The biggest downside is that you might not like the results. If this is the case, you will possibly have to have a laser tattoo removal procedure to remove what was done to you.