The Beauty Market Focuses on Brighter Skin

In the past, the anti-aging market has focused on wrinkle prevention and treatment. Today, the major focus has shifted to ways of brightening and evening a person’s skin tone. Here is a closer look at how different parts of the world are dealing with this quest for youth. Understanding the cosmetics and other treatments of each region will explain the many possible ways to brighten skin.


France believes that sugar is the key to great skin. Sugar on cell’s surfaces can prevent dark spots from developing. One product created with this in mind blends vitamin C with glycans to keep skin radiant and even in tone.


China has long used holistic practices for healing. One correcting serum contains natural ingredients that are native to China. Rosa Rox Burghii and licorice root are two key ingredients reported to protect against skin discoloration.


Minerals in Iceland’s glacial water have been turned into a serum, mask, and eye treatment, which reverse acidity and slow the production of melanin. This results in reportedly a more youthful complexion.


Hyperpigmentation is a common skin problem. A popular line of skin products in this country uses technology to lighten skin and correct dark spots. Results are supposedly quick and can be seen in a few weeks. It seems to be just as effective as prescription alternatives.


Products that are used to whiten the skin are very popular in countries like Japan. One product that is meant to get rid of spots and lighten the skin tone uses positive and negative ions to penetrate deep into the skin and get rid of melanin. There are also lightening ingredients included to create a glowing effect and protect against free radical damage. Most users notice visible results after one application.

Other technology is being used to research an ingredient called Pitera. This is derived from yeast and is rich in vitamins and amino acids that make skin smoother.


Korea has long been obsessed with cosmetics and other skin care products. This country is hard at work trying to uncover a way to brighten the skin. An innovative brand has revealed a collection that uses ingredients like white ginseng to lower inflammation and increase circulation.

The current trend in beauty is uncovering a product that improves skin tone. Countries all over the world are developing cosmetics and other products that bring back a youthful glow to skin. As a person ages, skin tends to accumulate dark spots and other discolorations. Using products that correct this problem will be the key to the modern fountain of youth.