Telomeres and the Science of Reversing the Signs of Aging

Since the turn of the century, major developments in cellular biology and other sciences have made a direct impact on the cosmetics and beauty field. The way researchers understand the aging process and the cellular science behind it have parlayed into techniques of potentially slowing, even reversing signs of aging. It may sound like science fiction, but it begins with the telomere, a natural portion of the chromosome that contains DNA code. It brings homeostasis, or balance, to the chromosome.

What Telomeres Tells Us

The telomere is a potential key to unlocking major breakthroughs in reducing the visual signs of aging. Scientists have deduced that telomere length and lifespan have a direct correlation. Efforts are now being made to create a procedure that actually lengthens telomeres and slows the aging process.

Currently, tests exist that can reveal how fast someone is aging. A simple blood test that evaluates telomere length can give patients a specific outlook at their rate of cellular decomposition compared to average, healthy individuals.

How Telomeres Can Transform Aesthetic Medicine

This science has been evolving since the early twentieth century. In the 1980’s, researchers found a laboratory enzyme that had the potential to increase the size of telomeres. The discovery of this enzyme was a major step, but it was not directly applicable to humans. Nearly a decade later found a form of this enzyme, known as telomerase, was found that could slow the shrinking of telomeres and drastically reverse aging factors. Incredibly, mice that were given this enzyme actually lived about 25 percent longer.

The Science of Telomeres

These elusive and mysterious parts of the chromosome are measured in base pairs. People begin life with an average length of 8, 000 base pairs. By 65, the length drops incredibly. On average, the length of telomeres in senior citizens is nearly 80 percent smaller than length at birth.

Biologists have found that change in lifestyle can boost telomerase levels to provide lasting effects on telomere length and thus aging itself. Increase in cardiovascular and aerobic exercise, improved diet, reduced stress and limitation of exposure to harmful chemicals can all heighten enzyme levels, preserve telomere length and reportedly slow, or even reverse aging.

Current Products

This does not seem like anything new, though. Most people are aware that a healthy lifestyle can markedly slow aging signs. The real breakthrough is the application of safe and natural plant extracts that can increase levels of Telomerase in humans.

The plant extract known as TA-65 has demonstrated that it can preserve and rejuvenate telomeres. It is an emerging treatment, with only 600 doctors in the country dispensing the extract. However, the potential impact is nothing short of a scientific marvel.

Throughout the 20, 000 people that now take TA-65, reports have surfaced that its application successfully improves bone density, immunity, mental acuity, cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels. Perhaps most promising of all is that the TA-65 showed a direct effect on telomere length. This could be a sign of treatments to come that could provide a longer lifespan, slower aging, and a more vibrant youthful appearance.