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Skin Care – 5 Foods for Younger Skin

younger skinOne should know that what they eat is reflected in how their skin may look. If one wants their skin to glow and still look sweet sixteen in your late 30’s, you should be choosier on the kinds of food you eat.

Not all food makes your skin look young, there are only a few that have such ability, and which one should consider incorporating into their daily diet. The following are five foods for skin care, which will make the skin look younger: Continue reading

Will the Next Great Skin Care Product Be Found in a Wine Glass

According to researchers from Harvard Medical School, resveratrol, which is a compound found in red wine, provides some great anti-aging benefits. Resveratrol is an antioxidant that occurs naturally in plants such as cocoa and grapes and it contains properties that protects from excessive ultra violet rays and infections.

A study published in Science Magazine on March 8, 2013 by the aforementioned Harvard researchers confirms that these properties can provide great anti-aging benefits in humans. Moreover, the study indicates that resveratrol stimulates the production of SIRT1 in the body. Continue reading