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Celebrity Plastic Surgery – How Accepting are Americans of Public Figures Having Plastic Surgery?

Millions of men and women go under the knife each year in order to gain a trimmer figure, younger-looking skin, or a tightening of wrinkles. The cosmetics industry has never been stronger, yet some people may believe that plastic surgery should only be reserved for celebrities. This question may come to the forefront in the near future due to the political certainty of a woman – likely Hillary Clinton, but possibly another high-stature female politician – running for office. Will the public judge a woman of such status on the basis of having cosmetic surgery? Continue reading

Plastic Surgery – What Consumers Need to Know to Protect Themselves

A Tennessee woman visited a medspa to purchase some makeup, however she could not turn down the offer of a free laser facial consultation. Unfortunately for her, this spur of the moment decision was destined to impact on her life in a cruel way. Included in the consultation was a complimentary spider vein laser treatment. This persuaded the woman to opt for a full facial. However, the forty-two year old woke up the following morning to find that she had second-degree burns on her face. Continue reading

Plastic Surgery – Is Gene Therapy the Future?

Experimental genetic techniques may become the future of reconstructive surgery. It may be used to promote the growth of the tissue to fix various injuries from damaged joint cartilage in people with rheumatoid arthritis to nerves. The June issue of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) contains a review of the recent progress in gene therapy development.

In the last ten years, various researchers have developed gene therapy techniques that look promising. These promote the growth of bone, skin and other tissues, which can be used for reconstructive surgery. However, they still have many trials to overcome before these experimental techniques can be used in an actual operating room. Continue reading

Cultural Attitudes and the Ideal Face

Korean womanMany Korean women are unhappy with their appearance because it does not fit in with their society’s view of beauty. For this reason, more and more people with this cultural background are undergoing plastic surgery. The most common procedures being performed on faces are nose jobs and eyelid surgeries. These are two areas of the face that cannot be altered with mere cosmetics. Here is a look at other ways that Korean women are searching to find ideal beauty. Continue reading

Is Social Media Driving Demand for Plastic Surgery?

plastic surgery and social mediaSocial media was once home to the anonymous. One could be whomever or whatever they chose to be, and remain hidden behind a screen name and keyboard. Then came sites like Facebook, where posting pictures and commenting on other people’s images instantly became part of the fun. Many quietly spy on their peers and betters in this online realm, where sourcing photos on Google took scant milliseconds. Continue reading

Plastic Surgery – Protect Yourself From Dangerous, Unlicensed Practitioners

Social norms have grown in such a way that there is an increasing emphasis being placed on good looks and beauty. While some people may be very comfortable with the way they look, many others turn to cosmetic surgery to bring out a look that makes them feel comfortable. The rising demand for surgeons has also provided for the development of a black market for such services. This has resulted in several unnecessary accidents, which have resulted in life-long scarring and in some cases death from medical complications. All this stems from non-licensed cosmetic surgeons performing treatments that are far from standard beauty related techniques. Continue reading

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Today, it is perfectly acceptable for women to have cosmetic procedures done to help keep their youthful appearance as long as possible. What some may not realize is that vaginal rejuvenation procedures exist to tighten the vaginal canal, fix discoloration, and restore the appearance of the labia. Many women claim that these procedures raise the level of enjoyment of sex between themselves and their partners. Continue reading

Mommy Makeovers

Although there are certain conditions to be expected in women post-maternity, medical professionals and beauty experts agree that many of these conditions are preventable, so there really is no excuse why new mothers can’t look good after giving birth. Even the most common beauty problems can be fixed, thanks to preventative treatments, beauty therapies and a few good tricks. Continue reading

Movie Star Naomi Watts Discussed Plastic Surgery

Though most celebrities adamantly deny that they will ever even consider plastic surgery, award winner Naomi Watts says that plastic surgery is not out of the question. Though Watts says that she needs expression in her face to aptly play the emotional roles that she has lately been filling, plastic surgery is not something that she completely dismisses. Continue reading

Plastic Surgery for Men Up 106% Since 1997

In the past, plastic surgery has been common for women that are looking for ways to boost their appearance and enhance their beauty. Recently, trends have been seeing more and more men taking advantage of these types of procedures as well.

Shedding an age old negative stigma, men’s plastic surgery procedures are becoming commonplace. Besides tummy tucks, men are also receiving face work including Botox and dermal fillers. Almost ten percent of a typical plastic surgeon’s patients have become men. This figure has nearly doubled over the last two years alone. Continue reading

Plastic Surgery Statistics for Ethnic Patients

In 2010, over 3.2 million plastic surgery procedures were performed on ethnic patients, representing a 243% increase since 2000. Of all the plastic surgery patients, 25 percent were Black, Asian or Hispanic and this surpassed the total number of men who went in for cosmetics procedures in 2010. Continue reading

Chin Augmentation Combined with Nose Job

According to a study recently carried out by Italian researchers, combining chin and nose surgical procedures offers the best results. The researchers from the University of Verona found that changing the profile of your chin (genioplasty) and nose (rhinoplasty) results in minimal instability over the long term. This is good news if one is considering plastic surgery to change the way their face looks. Although rhinoplasty can alter the facial profile of a patient with minimal change, adding genioplasty to the equation significantly improves aesthetic appeal. Continue reading