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Plastic Surgery for Men Up 106% Since 1997

In the past, plastic surgery has been common for women that are looking for ways to boost their appearance and enhance their beauty. Recently, trends have been seeing more and more men taking advantage of these types of procedures as well.

Shedding an age old negative stigma, men’s plastic surgery procedures are becoming commonplace. Besides tummy tucks, men are also receiving face work including Botox and dermal fillers. Almost ten percent of a typical plastic surgeon’s patients have become men. This figure has nearly doubled over the last two years alone. Continue reading

Statistics Indicate that Plastic Surgery for Men is at an All-Time High

In the past, masculinity was equated to being rugged, tough, and being unconcerned about looking young and attractive. In such a world, a man desirous of undergoing plastic surgery was considered ‘not man enough’ and to be lacking masculinity. Just as women have stepped beyond their stereotyped roles, men too are beginning to look at plastic surgery and cosmetics in a completely new light. Continue reading