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Natural Breast Enhancement Becomes Augmentation Alternative

The latest advance in cosmetic surgery is the combination of the two most popular choices in plastic surgery: breast augmentation and liposuction. Natural breast augmentation uses tissue from the patient’s body to create the increased volume and shapely contour that women seek in breast augmentation. This alternative has only recently been permitted in widespread use but is already showing great promise and unexpected benefits. Continue reading

5 Non-Surgical Techniques for Effective Breast Scar Removal

For a woman, her self-confidence can be made or broken by her general appearance. One of the body parts which women feel self-conscious about is their breasts. Scars caused by breast reduction/enlargement operations or other forms of surgery can be an embarrassing nuisance for women, however, with cosmetic medicine reaching new heights daily, getting rid of scars is possible through non-surgical breast scar removal techniques. Continue reading

Fat transfer to face – Get Those Luscious Lips You Always Dreamed About

Fat transfer to the face? Sounds kind of strange, doesn’t it? I mean why would anyone want to get fat transferred to their face? Well believe it or not fat transfer to the face is now a fairly routine procedure that many adults opt for. Fat transfer to the face is done in order to fill up lips and general depressions on the face. Did you always fantasize about having luscious full lips like Angelina Jolie? Yes? Well then a fat transfer to the face is what you need. Continue reading

Would You Like To Get Fuller Lips?

Many people are born with thin lips, while others find that as they age their once fuller lips seem to deflate with the passing of time. These conditions have resulted in many people seeking treatment to get fuller lips. The most popular option to get fuller lips is the use of one of several injectable fillers. By educating yourself online you can learn about the various types of injectable fillers and by speaking with a doctor you can have any remaining concerns addressed. This article should serve only as a basic overview of options you have available to get fuller lips.

At a most basic level lip augmentation is the enlargement of one or both of the lips through the use of either a cosmetic facial filler, a transfer of fat, or in some cases lip implants. This article will concern itself primarily with the multitude of fillers available.

Human based collagen treatments are a popular option as they are derived from naturally occurring substance in the body, and are, as a result, less likely to cause negative side effects in your effort to get fuller lips. Human based collagen fillers are compatible with your body, but as a result will naturally be absorbed with your body over time meaning that in order to get fuller lips you will have to return for treatments multiple times. It is important to note that when you opt for a human based collagen injection the target lip area is typically overfilled initially. This is because a large amount of collagen will be absorbed in a short period of time following the injection and you should be prepared for your lips to appear swollen. However, if you elect to continue with collagen treatments over time, you can expect more and more of the collagen to remain in the lip area and not be absorbed which will help you get fuller lips for longer lasting periods of time. You may also opt for a bovine based collagen injection which is generally safe, but requires an allergy test.

Hyaluronic acid derived lip augmentation has become an increasingly popular method to get fuller lips. It is also derived from a substance that occurs naturally in the body and has a low risk of negative side effects as a result. Hyaluronic acid also has the advantage of lasting longer than collagen injections and has properties that can actually improve the health of the lips by promoting the flow of moisture and nutrients to the tissue that it is in contact with.

A fat transfer augmentation uses fat from another part of your own body and as a result has one of the lowest risks associated with any injectable filler. Different techniques are employed to transfer the fat and the length of the effect will depend on the technique employed so discuss these options with your doctor when you are looking to get fuller lips.

Generally lip augmentation has a low risk of side effects most commonly including swelling and discomfort in the injection location that usually passes in a short amount of time. You should speak to a doctor to get a full understanding of the risks and limitations of any procedure you find appealing.

Epione Investigates Natural Breast Augmentation: Making Good Use of Bad Fat

Much as many women may lament the amount of fat in their bodies, there’s one place where not enough fat is sure to cause worries and woes: the breasts. Fat is the most important element in the size and shape of a woman’s breasts, and without the breast size and shape they desire, many women begin to look into augmentation procedures.

But is there perhaps a way to use one worry to resolve the other—a way to take excess fat from one part of a woman’s body and use it to enhance her breasts?

Dr. Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, is investigating just such an innovative procedure that is making headlines throughout the medical community.

The process involves transferring fat from one part of the body into the breasts. As one might expect, the procedure begins with liposuction. Liposuction using lasers almost always renders the fat unusable for transfer, while types that use ultrasound energy and pressurized water leave the fat ready for reuse elsewhere in the body.

One would naturally ask: is this procedure safe?

Naturally, many of the concerns that come from traditional implants, such as silicone, won’t occur with the fat transfer procedure. For example, as this augmentation is composed of body fat actually integrated into the existing tissue, one needn’t worry about the augmentation material rupturing. Also, as the augmentation is derived from the body’s own cells, there’s no risk of the body rejecting it.

That being said, Dr, Ourian is aware of the only recently lifted ban on using fat transfer for breast augmentation which raise valid questions concerning the safety of the procedure.

One concern includes the worry that the fat injected into the breast could cause calcification to occur creating a physical barrier to the accuracy of standard mammography tests. The medical community has not reached a consensus on this question, but a large number of doctors have responded with overwhelming approval of the procedure, especially as compared to traditional implant augmentation. As one doctor reported, new digital mammograms can easily identify calcification in the breasts, thus the mammogram is hardly impaired. Plus, when compared with the consequences of traditional implant augmentation, which block more than half the breast from the view of the mammogram, fat transfer augmentation begins to appear as a potentially safer alternative.

Another valid concern is whether or not enough of the fat transferred from one part of the body into the breasts will survive to call the procedure a success. Much like the first concern, there has not been an absolute consensus across the medical community about this question, but a large number of doctors agree that the likelihood of the fat surviving largely depends on the techniques used to acquire and then transfer the fat.

Thus, if the doctor uses the old, banned techniques, one can expect that a large percentage of the fat transferred will not survive and a second procedure will be required. Conversely, if the doctor uses the new techniques, one can expect 85-90% of the transferred fat to survive. If the doctor also implements new stem cell techniques, the transfer becomes even more effective.

Alternatives to Breast Implants for Augmentation: Fat Transfer vs. Hyaluronic Acid Gel Injections (Macrolane)

Plastic surgery in Los Angeles is always popular and breast augmentation is one of the most popular physical enhancement surgeries available.

February 22, 2010, Beverly Hills, CA — Plastic surgery in Los Angeles is always popular and breast augmentation is one of the most popular physical enhancement surgeries available. The debate still rages over which is the best breast implant; silicone implants or saline implants? Into the fray steps two new contestants: Macrolane injections and fat transfer. Doctor Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione, located in Beverly Hills, the exclusive shopping, restaurant and hotel enclave in Los Angeles, California is currently examining these two new methods of breast augmentation in Beverly Hills.
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Fat Transfer to the Face in Los Angeles

Fat transfer to the face is a popular procedure for people in Los Angeles to rejuvenate the face. Aging is a normal and natural process. As we age, we lose collagen and some of the other facial structures, such as elastin fibers. They become less elastic. This loss of structure allows wrinkles and creases to form in the face. The formation of wrinkles and creases can be hastened by certain activities such as smiling, smoking, and squinting. Any repetitive activity can cause wrinkles to form.
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Fat Transfer to the Face in California

Are you considering a fat transfer to the face in California? Here is a little information about the procedure. First of all, this procedure is not a face lift, although it can be done in conjunction with a full face lift. It is called a facial rejuvenation. A fat transfer to the face is an outpatient procedure that will be done in your physician’s office.
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