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Stem Cell Facelifts

As many women enter their forties, they begin to notice their facial features becoming gaunt and older looking. Traditionally, face-lifts have been popular for those not happy with the visual signs of aging. However, a new minimally invasive procedure, called the stem-cell face-lift claims to plump the skin and restore a youthful, full look to one’s face. Continue reading

Lunch Hour Facelifts More Popular than Ever

The face-lift has a long history of being a reliable type of cosmetic procedure that has allowed doctors to repair loose, sagging skin common among aging individuals. Most people usually associate the face-lift procedure with surgery and in fact, a good number of anti-aging treatments of this type still subject patients to going under the knife. For anyone who has always wanted a younger, fresher look, the new lunch-hour face-lift may be the answer. Continue reading

Statistics Indicate that Plastic Surgery for Men is at an All-Time High

In the past, masculinity was equated to being rugged, tough, and being unconcerned about looking young and attractive. In such a world, a man desirous of undergoing plastic surgery was considered ‘not man enough’ and to be lacking masculinity. Just as women have stepped beyond their stereotyped roles, men too are beginning to look at plastic surgery and cosmetics in a completely new light. Continue reading

Stem Cells and Skin Care

The more that scientists look into the depth DNA of stem cells, the more regenerative properties it seems they are able to provide. Though politicians have endlessly debated the ethics of using these “blank template” cells to create new tissues and organs, the cosmetics industry has immediately jumped into research and development of skin care products involving stem cells that promise the user to enjoy the same quality of skin that they had decades ago. Cosmetics companies have long been quick to jump in and tap into new scientific breakthroughs; botulinium toxin having been first used to treat spasms in facial muscles. Therefore, it is not surprising that the same businesses are seizing the opportunity to harness these cells. Continue reading

13 Million Minimally Invasive Procedures Reported in 2012

The amount of people who opted to have some sort of cosmetic surgery rose again last year (2012), and the numbers are staggering. Over 14.6 million people decided to undergo cosmetic procedures in the United States. This was a five percent rise compared to 2011, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). What’s truly remarkable and interesting to note was just how many were considered “more invasive procedures.” Only 1.6 million. Continue reading

Plastic Surgery Rate on the Rise

While cosmetic surgery has been around for decades, the growth rate seen last year was quite astounding. It has been estimated that the global market for a wide range of cosmetic procedures has grown by 10%. Furthermore, experts in the field are expecting to see a similar growth rate this year.

There are many factors that are driving this growth. First of all, the market in developing countries such as Asia has grown exponentially, as more and more women want to retain the beauty of their youth and get rid of blemishes such as acne, moles and cellulite. The overall cosmetics market has also grown in Asia and, like plastic surgery, is set to continue growing. Continue reading

How Celebrities Plan for the Oscars

Most Hollywood celebrities try their best to look beautiful even when they are out of the spotlight, so imagine the effort that goes into making them red-carpet ready for big events such as the Oscars. On a night when thousands of stars from around the globe converge on a single spot on the planet, every celebrity wants to be at his or her most beautiful and resplendent. Here is a look at how well planned and orchestrated the beauty routines and fitness procedures are months before a special event. Continue reading

Medical Tourism: Is it a Safe Practice?

Medical tourism is a rapidly growing global phenomenon. One of the fastest growing niches in this industry is plastic surgery tourism. Some of the surgical procedures that Americans seek overseas include facelifts, tummy tucks, hip and knee replacements, dental surgery, and breast implant surgery. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), low cost is the major selling point that draws Americans into medical tourism. However, there are inherent dangers that one should consider carefully, when deciding to travel overseas for cosmetic procedures. Continue reading

New facelift procedures

Like all good things, good times too come to an end. And what time in a man’s life is is better than the youth. We all look our best when we are young. Healthy bodies, glowing eyes, gorgeous skin and what not is a blessing of youth but how long these blessings stay with us varies from person to person. Some people experience the signs of aging in their early 30s and some stay and look young till their 40s. But sooner or later, we all get old and the marks of passing times are left visible on our skin. Continue reading

Skin Lift for the Eyes

Our eyes are probably the most precious things we have. Not only they make us see all the beauty around us, they also make us seem beautiful to everyone around us. Eyes are the first thing on our face that catches someone’s attention. People tend to judge us through our eyes, and why not? Our eyes speak for us. They can tell about our feelings, our emotions and even our age. Probably the first one to speak of our age.

As we age with time, gravity plays its game and our skin begins to droop down especially the skin around our eyes. Apart from gravity, there are several other factors that result in loose, droopy skin around the eyes. With age, a lot of fat starts depositing on the eyelid skin and that, too, can cause the skin to loosen and droop down. This gives a very tired look and makes you look years above your age. Continue reading

Jowl Treatments

A perfect face cut is like a perfect canvas. Naturally we all have face cuts which perfectly compliment our natural features. What gives us this perfect cut is our jaw line—a tight, firm, sharp jaw line indeed. Yet, as we age, the skin around our jaw line begins to sag and droop down. Even after a forehead or eyebrow lift, our age is quite identifiable by the loose saggy skin hanging down the jowls. The reason behind this sagging and loosening of skin is mainly the skin’s elasticity factor. Our skin loses its elasticity as the production of collagen slows down with age. With the lack of elasticity to hold it there, the gravitational pull makes it droop downwards. One more reason behind early loosening of jowl skin is the constant movement of the jaw line. We all need to eat and we all need to talk. Well, most of us are doing either or both at any given time. This constant movement results in loose jowl skin. Continue reading

Mini Facelift

A lady’s worst nightmare besides someone asking her age is probably people not having to even ask her age. When we reach our 30s, the skin begins to speak for itself. Besides aging there are several other factors that affect our skin and add many years to it. The skin loses its elasticity, the neck muscles get weaker and consequently the skin is lose and wrinkly. But the desire to look younger never seems to age in both women and men equally. Cosmetic surgery is one really efficient way to reduce the signs of aging. One preferable option for anti aging wrinkle treatment is the Mini Facelift. Continue reading

Los Angeles Facelift

The goal of the Los Angeles facelift is to produce the most attractive and youthful appearance possible, while still looking natural. The three “R’s” is the perfect answer to an aging face: relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. To achieve this look, you will want to select a surgeon that specializes in facial surgery, and has extensive skill in the procedure you are seeking. Continue reading

Nonsurgical Facelift Videos

Are you interested in the benefits of a facelift or feather lift, but want to avoid an invasive and potentially risky surgery? You should check out these nonsurgical facelift videos. Advances in cutting edge medical technology have created a wide range of available techniques for firming the skin of the face and reducing the appearance of wrinkles without the necessity of a surgery. In these nonsurgical facelift videos you will see real people who have undergone these procedures and you will be able to see for yourself the sort of results that can be achieved through a nonsurgical facelift. In these nonsurgical facelift videos you will see real people as they actually appear after their procedures. Continue reading

Having a Rhytidectomy or Face Lift

Face lifts are called rhytidectomies, which are surgical operations used to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and lines around the facial area. These are signs of aging that can easily be reversed. It will take away the bad effects of age, the elements and stress on the body. A face lift is one of the more expensive of the facial plastic surgeries but the end result can be really nice and you look much younger after having it done. Continue reading