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Skin Lift for the Eyes

Our eyes are probably the most precious things we have. Not only they make us see all the beauty around us, they also make us seem beautiful to everyone around us. Eyes are the first thing on our face that catches someone’s attention. People tend to judge us through our eyes, and why not? Our eyes speak for us. They can tell about our feelings, our emotions and even our age. Probably the first one to speak of our age.

As we age with time, gravity plays its game and our skin begins to droop down especially the skin around our eyes. Apart from gravity, there are several other factors that result in loose, droopy skin around the eyes. With age, a lot of fat starts depositing on the eyelid skin and that, too, can cause the skin to loosen and droop down. This gives a very tired look and makes you look years above your age. Continue reading

Droopy Eyelid Surgery

Droopy eyelid condition, also known as Ptosis, is very common among older people. However, hereditary factors may also lead to droopy eyelid at a very young age. Regardless of the age of the individual, Ptosis can give you a tired and aged look. In severe cases of Ptosis, one’s vision can also disturbed due to droopy eyelids. The patient might suffer trouble in reading and concentrating and most people develop a habit of keeping a chin-up posture or that of raising their eyebrows while focusing. This can cause headaches and forehead muscle fatigue. Creams and other over the counter stuff may not be very efficient in this case and the best treatment is droopy eyelid surgery. Continue reading