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Dermal Fillers – Choosing a Doctor

middle aged womanCosmetic physicians perform more treatments with injectable facial fillers than any other procedure except Botox, making them the most popular choices for clients who want to smooth out fine lines. Some report they look years younger after only a few sessions. One of the most common concerns among newcomers is whether their facial features will remain the same, with or without their regular cosmetics. The answer depends on the expertise and experience of the cosmetic Dermatologist; so first-time clients are strongly advised to do their background research. Continue reading

Skin Care – Turn Back the Clock

Epione skin care productsThe nation is becoming obsessed with skin care treatments and cosmetics. Today, many are trying to turn back the clock and reverse the visual signs of aging. Innovative skin care treatments have allowed patients to remove years off of their appearance.

Although no one is interested in “growing old gracefully, ” the thought of having cosmetic surgery can be slightly daunting. Those who have saggy skin, wrinkles and unwelcome laughter lines want to be able to combat the aging process without extensive or invasive procedures. Numerous plastic surgeons and the Dermatologists have developed a wide variety of skin care treatments that can improve the texture, tone, and overall health and appearance of the skin. Continue reading

Plastic Surgery – Protect Yourself From Dangerous, Unlicensed Practitioners

Social norms have grown in such a way that there is an increasing emphasis being placed on good looks and beauty. While some people may be very comfortable with the way they look, many others turn to cosmetic surgery to bring out a look that makes them feel comfortable. The rising demand for surgeons has also provided for the development of a black market for such services. This has resulted in several unnecessary accidents, which have resulted in life-long scarring and in some cases death from medical complications. All this stems from non-licensed cosmetic surgeons performing treatments that are far from standard beauty related techniques. Continue reading

The Latest Beauty Innovations

The world of beauty products, skincare and cosmetics is always evolving and changing to cater to patients that have been searching high and low for something that enhances their looks and skin as they age. From wrinkle defense to treatments and makeup with all sorts of new technology, there is a constant stream of products with miracle-working properties that will become must-haves in a woman’s beauty collection. Continue reading

Lunch Hour Facelifts More Popular than Ever

The face-lift has a long history of being a reliable type of cosmetic procedure that has allowed doctors to repair loose, sagging skin common among aging individuals. Most people usually associate the face-lift procedure with surgery and in fact, a good number of anti-aging treatments of this type still subject patients to going under the knife. For anyone who has always wanted a younger, fresher look, the new lunch-hour face-lift may be the answer. Continue reading

Botox Online Deals – Are They Bad for Your Health?

When one browses online, they may find daily deals, including websites that offer unbelievable deals for chemical peels, fillers and even Botox. While these coupons provide the ability to stretch the dollar further, be wary when it comes to cosmetic enhancement. Keep in mind that there is more on the line than the balance of one’s bank account. Continue reading

Plastic Surgery Rate on the Rise

While cosmetic surgery has been around for decades, the growth rate seen last year was quite astounding. It has been estimated that the global market for a wide range of cosmetic procedures has grown by 10%. Furthermore, experts in the field are expecting to see a similar growth rate this year.

There are many factors that are driving this growth. First of all, the market in developing countries such as Asia has grown exponentially, as more and more women want to retain the beauty of their youth and get rid of blemishes such as acne, moles and cellulite. The overall cosmetics market has also grown in Asia and, like plastic surgery, is set to continue growing. Continue reading

Epione Offers Lip Augmentation for Valentine’s Day

lip enhancementSpring has almost sprung and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. There really is no better time to plump up those lips. Lip enhancement is something that one should definitely take advantage of — particularly when we have any plans of puckering up a pair of luscious lips in time for the season of romance. Full lips are a mark of desirability. A youthful pout is a fabulous way to make people feel absolutely gorgeous. A positive self-image is the best way to gain that radiant glow that people yearn for. Continue reading

How Celebrities Plan for the Oscars

Most Hollywood celebrities try their best to look beautiful even when they are out of the spotlight, so imagine the effort that goes into making them red-carpet ready for big events such as the Oscars. On a night when thousands of stars from around the globe converge on a single spot on the planet, every celebrity wants to be at his or her most beautiful and resplendent. Here is a look at how well planned and orchestrated the beauty routines and fitness procedures are months before a special event. Continue reading

Laser Lip Treatment

Why do people get lip enhancement? Well, for a very basic reason: because our lips start to get thinner and smaller with age and they don’t seem to be where or how they should be. Yet, lip enhancement is as much popular in young people as it is in older ones. Luscious, pouty lips are the symbol of modern day beauty. Among all the other lip enhancement treatments, Laser Lip treatment is getting equally favorable among the celebrities as well other common people. Several other options for lip enhancement surgeries are also available but laser is safer, more reliable and it lasts much longer. Continue reading

Ingrown Hair Scar Removal

Ingrown hairs are the result of using most common hair removing methods. As all of us need to get rid of extra hairs from our faces and bodies, we typically either shave or wax them away. As a result, we all experience the ingrown hair problem. The ingrown hairs are basically hairs cut too close to the skin that they fail to regrow in a straight and outward direction. Instead, they curl and grow inwards. This result in bumps in the skin, more often called razor bumps which are actually these are ingrown hair trapped under the skin surface. Continue reading