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Botox – Is it A Viable Treatments for Depression?

New studies have brought back to life the “motion is emotion” theory, which suggests that if a person cannot make a certain facial expression, in this instance frowning, he or she is less likely to feel discontented or depressed. This argument states that the brain cannot read the muscular movement that is associated with anger and thus, the individual who has the treatment will not feel angry. It is postulated that cosmetic treatments that freeze our expression can make an impact on our emotions. If so, should depressed people be given Botox? Continue reading

Can Botox be Used to Treat Depression?

Vanity has always gotten the best of many people, especially those who are willing to sacrifice health in exchange for good looks and youth. This is one human characteristic that has made cosmetic surgery the billion-dollar industry that it is today. True, there are people who end up enjoying the good results of cosmetic procedures but there are also others who do not do so well. A small percentage, perhaps by virtue of carelessness, unscrupulous medical practices and bad decisions, suffer needlessly, their looks damaged, sometimes irreparably. There is a fine line that divides beauty and health. Continue reading