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Get rid of your dark circles with Blue Light Therapy and Coolaser

female eyesBEVERLY HILLS, CA, November 16, 2010 – You take care of yourself. You’re active and fit, the envy of many of your friends at the health club. You’re successful in business and solid at home. You work all day to close the big deal and still have energy to play with the kids before bedtime. Life’s pressures and pace don’t get you down and you sleep well. So, why are you saddled with those dark circles under your eyes? Whatever the cause, you can rely on innovative treatments developed by Dr. Simon Ourian, medical director of Epione Medical in Beverly Hills.

Many factors can contribute to the appearance of those dark circles. Food allergies, especially dairy products, kidney disorders, cardiovascular shortcomings, toxicity and aging may lead to the tired, worn out look created by the tell-tale shadows. But those dark circles can still appear, even when you’re healthy and holding your ground against age. In fact, it may be nothing you’ve done or haven’t done — dark circles under the eyes often are inherited, part of a person’s genetic makeup.
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Get Rid of those Bags Under Your Eyes for Summer!

There are many different causes for dark circles, or bags under the eyes. Dark circles are often hereditary, they tends to run in families so if one of your parents have them, chances are so will you. The skin under the eye is very thin, as blood passes through tiny capillaries close to the surface of the eyes, it creates a bluish tint. As you age your skin becomes thinner and the blood vessels or dark circles more visible.

Lack of nutrients in a diet can also cause dark circles to appear. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you may also develop dark circles below the eyes because extended exposure to the sun can weaken the skin.

What can you do to minimize the appearance of dark circles under your eyes? Be sure to drink enough water. Wear sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 to prevent skin weakening caused by sun damage (EPIONE Sunblock – Protect & Correct). You may be surprised to learn that fatigue usually isn’t the cause of dark circles. But it is still important to get plenty of rest because the lack of sleep or excessive tiredness can cause paleness of the skin, which allows the blood underneath the skin to become more visible and appear more blue or darker.

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Dark Circles

Beautiful,  Youthful Eyes!Every time you turn on TV and watch a cosmetic infomercial or walk through the cosmetic section of a department store, you are told what to use to hide dark circles under your eyes.

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