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Beauty – Is Gold the Latest Anti-Aging Secret?

Finding the secret to reversing aging is something with which the cosmetics industry will likely always be obsessed. As science marches on and companies continue their research, there will always be new discoveries made. One of the latest compounds found to be helpful in the fight against aging seems to be nothing less than actual gold. While it may seem odd that this precious mineral would be used in the cosmetics industry, it is already causing quite a stir. New technology has met a timeless symbol of wealth, and the results seem to be something that everyone should take a bit of time to observe. Continue reading

Cosmetic Labeling – Where’s the Truth?

With more than two billion dollars in sales for the cosmetics business last year, plastic surgery and commercial anti-aging treatments are as popular as ever. However, the question has been raised about how effective many of the commercially available treatments really are. Because there is minimal government oversight of both beauty products and cosmetics, many of the companies that manufacture anti-aging products are able to promise their customers satisfaction without actually being liable for the results. Continue reading