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Chin Augmentation Combined with Nose Job

According to a study recently carried out by Italian researchers, combining chin and nose surgical procedures offers the best results. The researchers from the University of Verona found that changing the profile of your chin (genioplasty) and nose (rhinoplasty) results in minimal instability over the long term. This is good news if one is considering plastic surgery to change the way their face looks. Although rhinoplasty can alter the facial profile of a patient with minimal change, adding genioplasty to the equation significantly improves aesthetic appeal. Continue reading

Having Cosmetic Surgery on your Chin

When you have cosmetic surgery on your chin, it reshapes the chin to a shape that is more cosmetically pleasing. You do it when your existing chin isn’t shaped right in comparison to the rest of the face. This is a procedure that has come to be popular among both men and women and the trend is toward chin enhancement, which involves the addition of chin implants onto a weak chin. Other facial implants can be done at the same time. You can also have reduction surgery for your chin, which takes away some of the bone and tissue from the chin to make it smaller. Speak with your cosmetic surgeon about whether or not you need chin augmentation or chin reduction surgery. Continue reading

Cosmetic Chin Surgery Can Provide Better Facial Balance

There are two types of aesthetic chin surgery: mentoplasty and genioplasty. Mentoplasty is surgery to reduce a chin which is too prominent and causes the rest of the facial features to appear too small. Genioplasty is an augmentation procedure using implants to make a receding chin look more prominent. A receding chin can make a normal nose look too large, especially in profile, and can make the neck appear fat. Continue reading