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Skin Care – Stop the Clock, Look Younger Longer

woman with beautiful skinWomen in their twenties or their thirties might already feel the pressure of aging on their skin care and look to a cosmetic solution. The practice of getting better quality skin at a younger age is by no means a new one, but one that health and beauty companies are zeroing in on to gain a larger market share. After all, even younger women are not immune to skin complications that make them yearn for a better look. Continue reading

Aging Skin

aging skinMany people may welcome growing older because of the wisdom from one’s wealth of experience that comes with aging, but looking older is another matter. All over the world, people are beginning to undergo a number of treatments, therapies and rituals in order to appear younger, healthier and better looking. This practice that has spawned a billion-dollar beauty industry that includes cosmetics and other products that prevent and repair aging skin. Here is a look at the different treatments available to turn back time: Continue reading

Botox Online Deals – Are They Bad for Your Health?

When one browses online, they may find daily deals, including websites that offer unbelievable deals for chemical peels, fillers and even Botox. While these coupons provide the ability to stretch the dollar further, be wary when it comes to cosmetic enhancement. Keep in mind that there is more on the line than the balance of one’s bank account. Continue reading

Exercise Induced Skin Problems

Exercise can cause many skin problems. When a person participates in outdoor activity, this can lead to sun damage. There are numerous cosmetic treatments available that can alleviate the spots and wrinkles associated with the problem.

Proper skin care is essential if one wants to stay healthy and retain a youthful appearance. Skin that is repeatedly exposed to the sun and other elements will not only appear dry and become wrinkled and unsightly; it can become the perfect target for toxins and carcinogens. Add the use of cosmetics or the wrong skin care products, and the results can be deadly. Continue reading

How Celebrities Plan for the Oscars

Most Hollywood celebrities try their best to look beautiful even when they are out of the spotlight, so imagine the effort that goes into making them red-carpet ready for big events such as the Oscars. On a night when thousands of stars from around the globe converge on a single spot on the planet, every celebrity wants to be at his or her most beautiful and resplendent. Here is a look at how well planned and orchestrated the beauty routines and fitness procedures are months before a special event. Continue reading

Acne Scar Removal

The search for acne scar removal methods and products that might alleviate the issue has gone on for generations. Acne is a rupturing of the skin and can cause severe damage. Occasionally it is necessary to seek relief through medical procedures. People find it normal when teenagers have acne scarring but the problem is not limited to young adults. When acne scars occur people usually start with home remedies and creams. Long before any seeing a doctor, people will try to remove acne scars on their own. Continue reading

Chemical Body Peel

Chemical body peel, also called the derma-peel, is a method of rejuvenating the body skin. This helps in lightning the scars and dark spots on the body. Like our face, our body also needs an even and flawless skin tone. Scars and dark spots can destroy the beauty of a perfect figure. Although replacement of dead skin by newer, fresher skin is a natural phenomenon, it is a very slow one and complete disappearance of damaged skin might take many years. Continue reading

Brown Spots on Face

Freckles and dark brown spots on face may be one of the most annoying facial features that you would want to remove as soon as possible. Post pregnancy, sun exposure, aging, liver diseases, hormonal disorder or simply your genetic makeup can trigger brown spots on face. The direct reason, however, behind the brown spots on face is the overproduction of melanin in your skin. This is also trigged by the UV rays of sun that fall on your face making it rough due to the breakage of collagen fibers and elastin. Whatever the reason may be, nobody finds brown spots on face attractive. Continue reading

Skin Care Treatments for the Face

You can improve the way your facial skin looks and look younger just by trying one of these facial skin care treatments. They rejuvenate the face and are subtle enough that the recovery time is nearly zero in many cases. Continue reading

Tummy Tuck Scar Revision

Tummy tuck scar revision is becoming more frequent. One of the most common side effects of having a tummy tuck (also called an abdominoplasty) is scarring. This is especially true if someone undergoes a full abdominoplasty, which will create a scar from hip to hip. Most of the time, the incision scar is hidden below the bikini line. For some people, though, the complete desired effect of having a tummy tuck is not complete until a tummy tuck scar revision procedure is performed to minimize the look of the scar. Like most types of scar revision, tummy tuck scar revision makes use of a variety of cosmetic and surgical techniques. All of these techniques are designed to hide the scar in a better location, even out the color and smoothness of the skin at the incision site, eliminate as much of the scar as possible.

One of the more frequent tummy tuck scar revision methods used is chemical peel. The technique is designed to dissolve excess scar tissue through a chemical process. The procedure is also effective in evening out color in the surrounding skin.
Steroid injections and dermal filler are also an effective tummy tuck scar revision method. Steroid injection can help to reduce the size of scars. Dermal filler injection can help to smooth out the contour of scars. Laser scar revision for tummy tucks has really gained popularity in recent years. The technique makes use of laser light to burn away small layers of the scar tissue. Laser surgery is very precise, so it’s less likely to cause any damage to surrounding tissue. Laser revision is also good at evening out the color of scar tissue. The procedure is considered very safe and patients experience very few side effects after surgery.

Tummy tuck scar revision may ultimately require surgery. This is very true for deep, large scars. If scar tissue develops abnormally, you might also need to consider a surgical option. Surgical tummy tuck scar revision makes use of state of the art micro surgery techniques, flap revision techniques, and multi layer closing procedures to eliminate deep scars, to cause tissue to heal normally, and even to move scars to new locations, to make them less obvious. As you might expect, having a secondary surgery will be a more expensive option, but it might be the only real option. You will need to consult with the person who did your original tummy tuck, to see what option might work best for you.

The surgeon who performed your tummy tuck might not feel qualified to do the tummy tuck scar revision, so they might refer you on. But starting your evaluation with a follow up visit to your tummy tuck surgeon makes a lot of sense.

Los Angeles Chemical Peel Facts

In Los Angeles, chemical peel procedures have been successfully performed for many years now. There have been a lot of great success stories associated with this form of skin resurfacing. The overall procedure is designed to help patients regain a smooth, supple look to their skin. It can be used to not only make the skin smoother, but it can also be used to help reduce lines and creases in the skin. All of these results help people to look younger, which is why chemical peels are still being performed in Los Angeles.
Continue reading

Adult Acne and Acne Scar Treatments

The best treatment for acne can change depending on the patient and the physician. Some of the more popular products include Retin-A, Cleocin-T, erythromycin and tetracycline. But medication alone may not solve the problem.

“A good portion of my practice is devoted to dealing with acne and acne scars, “ says Doctor Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills. “As if it’s not bad enough to suffer from acne in the first place, I’ve seen the ongoing emotional toll acne scarring can cause for patients twenty or thirty years later.” Continue reading

Epione Skin Peels!

Come in and take care of your skin now to keep that healthy glow forever.

Organic Peel

For those who want to stay away from lasers and chemicals, this is the way to go. The Organic Peel is a medically developed method for skin peel based purely on a plant-based formula. It does not contain any chemical additives and accelerates blood circulation of the treated area and effects peeling of the upper skin layers. It’s great for wrinkles, premature aging of the skin, acne, enlarged pores, sun damaged skin, skin discoloration, etc. Continue reading