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New Body Firming Treatments

body firmingThe obesity level in America has become a major concern due to a lack of disciplined health and fitness routines. Eating right combined with exercise is still the best recipe for maintaining a reasonable level of health. However, there are several noninvasive procedures that can assist with tightening more common problem areas of the body. These include minor plastic surgery treatments performed by cosmetics surgeons that result in distinct definition of the most difficult areas. Continue reading

The Latest Cellulite Treatment Technology

Nothing is quite as frightening as that dimpled orange peel skin at the back of one’s thighs. Unfortunately, 90 percent of all women suffer cellulite, and it almost always boils down to genetics. While it is fairly comforting to note that no woman is alone in the never-ending battle against cellulite, the truth is that almost every single lady out there feels some form of embarrassment over her dappled skin. Whether it is on the thighs, bottom, stomach or upper arm, cellulite is something every woman wants desperately to get rid of. A large portion of the cosmetics and plastic surgery industry is dedicated to battling the problem. The question remains: Which is the best treatment and does it eliminate cellulite completely? Continue reading

Cellulite Treatment – Does it Work?

cellulite or orange skinAdhering to a balanced diet and getting regular exercise can have many positive effects on health and wellness, but getting rid of cellulite may require a different approach. Many people experiment with lotions and creams, but these non-invasive treatments rarely make a difference. The cosmetics industry may tout the latest topical application as a definitive cellulite cure, but surface treatments have left many people with unsuccessful results and a lifelong battle to find an effective solution. Cellulaze is a newer plastic surgery procedure that aims at getting rid of unsightly fat deposits at the source, and addressing cellulite on a structural level may produce effective results. Continue reading