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How Celebrities Plan for the Oscars

Most Hollywood celebrities try their best to look beautiful even when they are out of the spotlight, so imagine the effort that goes into making them red-carpet ready for big events such as the Oscars. On a night when thousands of stars from around the globe converge on a single spot on the planet, every celebrity wants to be at his or her most beautiful and resplendent. Here is a look at how well planned and orchestrated the beauty routines and fitness procedures are months before a special event. Continue reading

Skin Lift for the Eyes

Our eyes are probably the most precious things we have. Not only they make us see all the beauty around us, they also make us seem beautiful to everyone around us. Eyes are the first thing on our face that catches someone’s attention. People tend to judge us through our eyes, and why not? Our eyes speak for us. They can tell about our feelings, our emotions and even our age. Probably the first one to speak of our age.

As we age with time, gravity plays its game and our skin begins to droop down especially the skin around our eyes. Apart from gravity, there are several other factors that result in loose, droopy skin around the eyes. With age, a lot of fat starts depositing on the eyelid skin and that, too, can cause the skin to loosen and droop down. This gives a very tired look and makes you look years above your age. Continue reading

Getting a Brow or Forehead Lift

Getting a brow lift surgery is also called getting an eyebrow or a forehead lift. When you have one, you look younger and people say you are more refreshed after having the surgery. The forehead is smoother and the position of the individual’s eyebrows is higher on the head so that the patient looks more refreshed. There are several different types of brow lift surgery that you should know about before you embark on getting one of these surgeries. Take a look at the risks and benefits, as well as the costs, before you make your decision. Continue reading

Brow And Forehead Lifts Result In A More Youthful Appearance

Among the most popular anti-aging cosmetic surgeries, brow and forehead lifts reduce the signs of aging by removing furrows and wrinkles in the forehead and by repositioning the eyebrows for a more alert and youthful appearance. As we age, the skin loses elasticity and begins to sag; this results in wrinkles and furrows in the forehead. A forehead lift removes excess skin and wrinkles from the forehead and results in a smoother appearance. Both men and women may benefit from this surgery. Continue reading