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Botox Treatments

Botox is a drug that is used to treat various health concerns such as: removing wrinkles, help lessen underarm sweating, treat neck and shoulder contractions, blinking and eyes that are misaligned. Many have found Botox helpful when lifting eyebrows. As a person grows older, eyebrows lose their arch and begin to look flat. Botox can fix that and give the eyes a more youthful look. Continue reading

Botox Treats Chronic Migraines in Beverly Hills

In the City of Beauty, Botox is used for more than just erasing wrinkles.

Do you suffer from chronic migraines—those mind numbing, excruciating headaches that literally knock you out for the day? Are you sick of taking pills when you feel one coming on? Well, here’s an alternative—Botox. When most people think of Botox, they may think of Hollywood ladies with far too much money and time getting together to inject a numbing toxin into their faces. Not only is that is that an outdated stereotype but it ignores the true therapeutic value of Botox. Not only does it help eliminate the signs of aging, but it has been shown to effectively treat chronic migraines. And the best place to make sure this treatment is done properly is by having it done at Epione Beverly Hills. Continue reading