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Botox – Before and After Pictures

With flowing hair, dark lashes and graceful strides, the pretty woman walks down the Hollywood walk of fame and eyes trace her every step, every expression on her face and every movement of her lips. The pretty face has robbed the attention of the masses. Would they be able to tell that she just came out of a Botox appointment? If they were handed the lady’s photos before and after Botox injections, they definitely would. Botox injection results can be that natural looking. To become the center of attention is every woman’s dream. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but it doesn’t matter if girls weren’t pretty from the cradle. With Botox, their faces can be blessed with smoother angles, lovely outlines and all the pretty curves they ever dreamed of. Women notice a big difference in their photos before and after Botox fixes. The photos before and after Botox injections tell a sweet tale of transformation from common to gorgeous. Continue reading