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Hair Loss – Latisse May be Offered as Cure

Hair loss is a problem that plagues millions the world over. No longer consigned to just men, this phenomenon is widespread and can affect any individual at any stage of life. There are a few different factors that affect hair loss in individuals and understanding a bit about them can help users find the perfect solution. These factors are related directly to the lifestyle and genetics of any one individual and are likely to be long lasting factors that are not easily reversed. Continue reading

FDA Approves Natrelle “Gummy Bear” Silicone Breast Implant

Breast implants are used for a variety of reasons, from the purely cosmetic or aesthetic purposes of enhancing one’s appearance through breast augmentation to reducing the appearance of scar tissue and reconstructing breasts after major surgery. While implants offer some of the best cosmetics based alternatives, traditional breast implants have been associated with complications, including tightening of the skin and hardening of the tissue around the prosthetic, the need to undergo further surgery in order to better situate the implant or to remove it entirely, an uneven or rough appearance, and the possibility of infection or leakage of the implant’s contents. Continue reading

Botox – Six Step Checklist

Botox injection administered by a professionalThe advancements in aesthetic medicine means consumers have the option of choosing from many different non-surgical procedures. Botox injections remain the most popular method of treating wrinkles and physicians administer millions of treatments annually. Here are six recommended steps for patients to follow prior to undergoing a Botox treatment. Continue reading

Not All Botox is Created Equal

The truth about Generic versus Authentic Botox

Botox treated womanJust as it is with clothing and electronics, so it is with Botox. Many doctors and self-proclaimed Botox “experts” offer discounted Botox because the product they provide is manufactured in China without supervision or restrictions. Continue reading