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Beauty – Is Gold the Latest Anti-Aging Secret?

Finding the secret to reversing aging is something with which the cosmetics industry will likely always be obsessed. As science marches on and companies continue their research, there will always be new discoveries made. One of the latest compounds found to be helpful in the fight against aging seems to be nothing less than actual gold. While it may seem odd that this precious mineral would be used in the cosmetics industry, it is already causing quite a stir. New technology has met a timeless symbol of wealth, and the results seem to be something that everyone should take a bit of time to observe. Continue reading

Skin Care – Sunscreen Slows Skin Aging

sunscreenA recent study delivered great news for users of anti-wrinkle concoctions and expensive skin serums. Simple SPF 15+ sunscreen can prevent the aging effects of sun exposure and, in some cases, reverse it. These findings will free many from the expense of purchasing pricey skin care products in order to keep their skin looking firm and young.

Researchers studied 900 Australian men and women from 1992 to 1996, splitting them into several groups. One group’s members were told to use SPF 15+ sunscreen at their discretion. Another group was instructed to use the same strength sunscreen on their heads, necks, arms, and hands daily, and to reapply it if they sweated heavily or went swimming. Continue reading

Skin Care – 5 Foods for Younger Skin

younger skinOne should know that what they eat is reflected in how their skin may look. If one wants their skin to glow and still look sweet sixteen in your late 30’s, you should be choosier on the kinds of food you eat.

Not all food makes your skin look young, there are only a few that have such ability, and which one should consider incorporating into their daily diet. The following are five foods for skin care, which will make the skin look younger: Continue reading

Skin Care – Daily Sunscreen Use Slows Skin Aging

sunscreenMillions of people apply sunscreen to their skin every day. The ritual protects against skin cancer, and prevents sunburn as well. A new study conducted by the Queensland Institute of Medical Research at the University of Queensland now reveals that daily application of sunscreen can dramatically reduce the effects of aging skin. This aging process is known as photo-aging. It’s important to note that sunscreen is beneficial even if one starts applying in it middle age. Continue reading

Botox – More Popular than Ever with 20-Somethings

young female getting Botox injectionBotox is considered a staple in today’s anti-aging treatments, but it is actually just one of several products utilizing a very mild form of the botulinum toxin—the same neurotoxic protein that causes life-threatening food poisoning in larger doses. Botox is actually a trade name but the term has been used to refer to products that use the toxin to correct wrinkling. The efficacy of Botox in smoothing out foreheads and laugh lines explains its popularity among men and women in their late 30s, 40s, 50s and even beyond. What is surprising is that Botox is also finding its way in the faces of women in their 20s. Continue reading

Skin Care – Turn Back the Clock

Epione skin care productsThe nation is becoming obsessed with skin care treatments and cosmetics. Today, many are trying to turn back the clock and reverse the visual signs of aging. Innovative skin care treatments have allowed patients to remove years off of their appearance.

Although no one is interested in “growing old gracefully, ” the thought of having cosmetic surgery can be slightly daunting. Those who have saggy skin, wrinkles and unwelcome laughter lines want to be able to combat the aging process without extensive or invasive procedures. Numerous plastic surgeons and the Dermatologists have developed a wide variety of skin care treatments that can improve the texture, tone, and overall health and appearance of the skin. Continue reading

Aging – New Treatments for Looking Younger

agingCosmetic Dermatologists are very successful at treating the effects of aging. Every year, more efficient tools and products are made available to help them treat sagging skin, sunspots, wrinkles, and much more. Here are eight of the best anti-aging treatments. Continue reading

Aging Skin

aging skinMany people may welcome growing older because of the wisdom from one’s wealth of experience that comes with aging, but looking older is another matter. All over the world, people are beginning to undergo a number of treatments, therapies and rituals in order to appear younger, healthier and better looking. This practice that has spawned a billion-dollar beauty industry that includes cosmetics and other products that prevent and repair aging skin. Here is a look at the different treatments available to turn back time: Continue reading

Telomeres and the Science of Reversing the Signs of Aging

Since the turn of the century, major developments in cellular biology and other sciences have made a direct impact on the cosmetics and beauty field. The way researchers understand the aging process and the cellular science behind it have parlayed into techniques of potentially slowing, even reversing signs of aging. It may sound like science fiction, but it begins with the telomere, a natural portion of the chromosome that contains DNA code. It brings homeostasis, or balance, to the chromosome. Continue reading

The Latest Devices for Tightening Skin

Sagging skin has consistently been a sign of premature aging. Currently, skin tightening procedures are becoming more patient-friendly and effective than ever. Ultherapy, a nonsurgical neck and brow-lift procedure, is the first skin tightening procedure utilizing ultrasound waves to be approved by the FDA. Continue reading

Stem Cells Skin Care

Finding great skin care products can be more difficult than most people realize. There is a new treatment on the market; tailor made for its customers, and it is something that cannot be found in the cosmetics aisle. It uses autologous fat cells to create customer specific skin care products.

Stem cells have long been used to help cancer patients and stimulate growth of cells, and even organs. Many parents are choosing to bank their baby’s cord blood for the potential use of stem cells later in life, if necessary for health reasons of the baby or other family members. Continue reading

Will the Next Great Skin Care Product Be Found in a Wine Glass

According to researchers from Harvard Medical School, resveratrol, which is a compound found in red wine, provides some great anti-aging benefits. Resveratrol is an antioxidant that occurs naturally in plants such as cocoa and grapes and it contains properties that protects from excessive ultra violet rays and infections.

A study published in Science Magazine on March 8, 2013 by the aforementioned Harvard researchers confirms that these properties can provide great anti-aging benefits in humans. Moreover, the study indicates that resveratrol stimulates the production of SIRT1 in the body. Continue reading

Beauty at the Extremes

Depending on the type of change one desires in their appearance, there is a wide range of treatment options available. From cosmetics with nourishing ingredients to exotic beauty treatments and plastic surgery, to find the one that can get you the best results, make sure you consult a qualified, certified, experienced and skilled physician. Continue reading

Which Anti-Aging Ingredients Work Best?

Aging is a tricky thing to fight against because it is a natural process that all living creatures must go through. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t even try to manage aging. At the very least, we can even slow down the process by feeding the body with the right substances to keep it young and using the right anti-aging products and treatments to trick our systems to perform as if it were younger. Find out which anti-aging ingredients work best and what to look for in the latest personal care lines and cosmetics. Continue reading

Botox Los Angeles

Does aging of your skin worry you? Your spouse doesn’t think you’re attractive anymore? Can you manage to stay beautiful despite your age? If the answer to all such queries is yes, then allow Botox to come to your aid. The complete name of Botox is botulinum toxin. This is used to treat lines and wrinkles on the upper third part of your face. Botox injections can give a fresh look to your eyebrows, forehead, and crow’s feet areas. Also, it can be used to treat the mouth and neck regions. Continue reading

New facelift procedures

Like all good things, good times too come to an end. And what time in a man’s life is is better than the youth. We all look our best when we are young. Healthy bodies, glowing eyes, gorgeous skin and what not is a blessing of youth but how long these blessings stay with us varies from person to person. Some people experience the signs of aging in their early 30s and some stay and look young till their 40s. But sooner or later, we all get old and the marks of passing times are left visible on our skin. Continue reading

Wrinkles: The Most Common Symptom Of Aging

Anyone who lives long enough will live to see their skin begin to sag and wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes and the mouth, just about anywhere that there is skin, eventually there will be a wrinkle. For a long time there was little or nothing that could be done about wrinkles. People tried to consider them a sign of maturity and wisdom, but unfortunately today we live in a society that is more physical appearance obsessed and youth oriented than ever before. Continue reading