Summertime and Sunshine!

We all want to get that extra golden tan, but we don’t want to pay for it afterwards. Choose one of our skin care peels to keep your skin looking healthy.

Organic Peel

The Organic Peel is a medically designed method for skin peel developed purely on a plant-based formula. It does not contain any chemical additives and accelerates blood circulation of the treated area and effects peeling of the upper skin layers. It’s great for wrinkles, premature aging of the skin, acne, enlarged pores, sun damaged skin, skin discoloration, etc.

Particle Skin Resurfacing

The New Skin Restoration Procedure: This procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical. It uses a highly controlled spray of oxide crystals under pressure and vacuum. These crystals erase imperfections and sun damage, allowing younger, softer skin to move to the surface. It’s also great for blackheads and whiteheads, fine wrinkles, acne, superficial age spots, etc.

Chemical Peels

This type of peel can bring about a significant improvement in your skin. In this procedure a small concentration of Trichloroacetic Acid is mixed with a special base prior to application. Once the mixture is applied, the upper, dead layer of skin slowly peels away. In a few weeks, you can have healthier skin.

So start taking care of your skin now to keep that healthy glow forever.