Stretch Mark Surgery

People often complain about stretch marks. Stretch marks are usually seen on areas like thighs, upper arms, buttocks and abdomen. They are mostly seen in women after their pregnancy. However, women alone are not affected. Other causes for stretch marks in men and women both are rapid weight loss or weight gain. Stretch mark surgery is increasingly becoming common among the people. The reason is, of course, the need to have a flawless skin. There are many ways how stretch mark surgery can give you a simple and plain skin.

Out of all modes a stretch mark surgery, tummy tuck method has proved to be the most effective one. However, it is also one of the methods that are most invasive. This treatment is mainly for ladies who get stretch marks after their pregnancy. The method basically involves cutting up of excess skin and muscles and pulling your skin taut to give you a perfect tucked in waist. You not only will have a slim waist but also the stretch marks beneath your navel line will no more be visible. The drawback of this style of stretch mark surgery is that it takes more time to recover as compared to other modes of stretch mark surgery.

Stretch mark surgery also has another subcategory called laser surgery. This is also one of the most efficient modes of a stretch mark surgery. The technique removes blemishes as well as the stretch marks. This technique applies to stretch marks that are darker than the color of your skin, mainly the reddish brown ones. The lighter ones of the stretch marks will not be able to be picked up by the laser. The laser technique is one of those styles of a stretch mark surgery that not only treat the skin from outside, but also from the inside. It does this by enhancing the growth of collagen and thus resulting in healing of the skin. Moreover, this technique is also useful in healing the damaged skin cells and sealing broken vessels.

Chemical peels and dermabrasion are few of those ways of a stretch mark surgery that involves the least of invasion. The technique of both of the methods is to remove the upper layer of skin, giving a fresh layer of skin below it. In the chemical peel style, alpha hydroxy acid is used to remove the outer layer of skin. As for dermabrasion, it involves the use of a brush to remove the exterior layer of skin. This type of a stretch mark surgery involves a recovery time of one week. Despite having such a small recovery time, this method has some side effects too. You may become sun sensitive for a time that depends from person to person. Others have also reported redness that is annoying at times.