Stem Cells Skin Care

Finding great skin care products can be more difficult than most people realize. There is a new treatment on the market; tailor made for its customers, and it is something that cannot be found in the cosmetics aisle. It uses autologous fat cells to create customer specific skin care products.

Stem cells have long been used to help cancer patients and stimulate growth of cells, and even organs. Many parents are choosing to bank their baby’s cord blood for the potential use of stem cells later in life, if necessary for health reasons of the baby or other family members.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Some consider a wrinkle that was not present 20 years ago to be a wound, an injury that needs to be healed and repaired. A skin care line with one’s own stems cells may be the answer to healing these types of wounds.

Stem Cell Extraction

A surgeon extracts the stem cells through a liposuction type procedure. The doctor will take out about two ounces of fat and send it to the laboratory. There, stem cells are extracted and scientists will also add in cytokines which act as messengers for the cells in the body.

Those choosing to participate in this new treatment will have a package delivered about two weeks after the stem cells are harvested that contain the products. Inside they will find the eye cream, firming serum and moisturizer together with instructions on how often to use each of the products to receive best results.

Results and Additional Uses

According to the company offering these products, their studies show that 95% of patients have seen their skin texture improve. Of this, around 80% saw fine lines reduced and 87% saw their face look younger. These results were seen after about a month.

Stem Cell Ownership

It is also important to note that this company retains possession of clients’ extra stem cells of as long as they remain with the company. This is important for many reasons. One is when there is a need to reorder. Additionally, clients can use their extra stem cells for medical treatment if necessary.

Fat transfer procedures are not new. They have been around for many years in many different forms. The exciting thing about this treatment though is that it is taking the fat and harvesting the stem cells to create a topical treatment for aging.