Stem Cells Show Potential as Anti-Aging Treatment

Endless possibilities

It may sound like something from the annals of Ray Bradbury fiction, but frozen stem cell treatment for cosmetic enhancement is very real. In fact, there are some researchers who claim that stem cell treatment can reduce the appearance of aging and improve skin quality. Stem cells can be gathered from a patient’s adipose tissue and applied to another area of the body. There are even some scientists who cryogenically store the cells for preservation and future application.

Current Stem Cell Research

Scientists are pioneering of a fat-grafting technique that aims to slow or reverse aging signs and restore vibrant skin. They remove some fatty tissue from one part of the body and graft it into another, stimulating a change in tissue composition and appearance. They believe that the loss of subcutaneous volume results in many of the hallmarks of aging.

Marked Improvement in Skin Quality Seen

While performing these treatments they observed marked improvement in patient skin quality over time. This led to the idea that application of one’s own adult stem cells could refresh skin appearance.

The cells used in this treatment are mature stem cells, not to be confused with controversial cells from the embryo. Adult stem cells can be found in the body’s fat tissue. In the past 15 years some studies began to uncover what physicians refer to as amazing qualities of stem cell treatment in cosmetics. These ideas led to marketing campaigns based around stem cell facial creams collected from animals and plants.

Using One’s Own Stem Cells

A microbiologist who works to develop stem cell beauty products, questioned the idea of using foreign stem cells to enhance appearance. “Why would I want to use the stem cells of another species?” He supports the idea that one’s own stem cells are the surest way to improve tissue. Personal stem cells contain the same DNA and are easily recognized and integrated into the same body they originated from.

Cells Help Regenerate Old Tissue

The use of stem cells for beauty and cosmetics is a new, emerging idea. It is vital to amply research any medical treatment that one is seeking, and to consult professionals regarding such treatments. The researchers who support stem cell treatment for beauty purposes have said that these cells can help regenerate old tissue, resulting in enhanced complexion.

There treatments are similar to others such as mesotherapy, which uses a series of injections under the skin to break up cellulite bands. Other treatments such as breast augmentation can use fatty tissues gathered from one part of the body where it is abundant and inserted into breasts to enhance them.

There are a number of procedures that take adipose tissue from one area and apply it to another. Any time this happens and adult stem cells are in the applied tissue; the stem cells may yield improvement in skin appearance.