Statistics Indicate that Plastic Surgery for Men is at an All-Time High

In the past, masculinity was equated to being rugged, tough, and being unconcerned about looking young and attractive. In such a world, a man desirous of undergoing plastic surgery was considered ‘not man enough’ and to be lacking masculinity. Just as women have stepped beyond their stereotyped roles, men too are beginning to look at plastic surgery and cosmetics in a completely new light.

Increase in Male Procedures

Between 1997 and 2011, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, instances of men opting for cosmetic procedures have increased by 121 percent. Many men are seeking procedures like eyelifts and facelifts. Two out of every five individuals recently seeking enhancement of their facial structure are men.

The increase in men deciding to go under the knife has been attributed to the desire to succeed in an extremely competitive work market where looking young and attractive is considered helpful in coming across as an aggressive, dynamic, energetic and ambitious individual. Furthermore, society values looking young and considers old age and maturity to be unattractive, which is an additional motivator men to use plastic surgery to enhance their appearance.

Data indicates that men have no hesitation in going in for procedures that were earlier considered to be for women only. More and more men, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, have undergone nose jobs, eyelid procedures and liposuction to look young and appealing.

Celebrity appeal

Apart from improving job prospects, men often go in for plastic surgeries to incorporate attributes present in male celebrities with large female following. Men often want to acquire a strong chin and jaw line to emulate stars such as Brad Pitt and enhance their appeal to women.

It is not advisable for men to blindly undergo every procedure designed primarily for women. While rhinoplasty and facelifts are safe for men as well as women, procedures like brow lifts will look odd if performed on a man. The difference in features and looks between men and women, called sexual dimorphism, should not be ignored when going under the knife.

Spousal Influence

Men are starting to consider plastic surgery after watching its effects on their wives, who use cosmetic procedures to improve their facial structure to look young and attractive. Plastic surgeons say that many husbands decide to go in for the procedure that wives opt for just a few days after they return home with a prettier face or body. This indicates that men are still hesitant about plastic surgery, but can be convinced once they see the effect of such procedures on their wives.

Plastic Surgery No Longer Taboo

The idea of a man using cosmetics or undergoing plastic surgery is no longer considered taboo. Celebrities and reality show stars apart; ordinary individuals are now amenable to the idea of altering their appearance through surgical procedures. Looking good always has a positive effect on confidence and self-esteem, and more and more men are relying on plastic surgery to look young and attractive again.