Spider vein removal

If you see a red or blue patch of veins on your face or anywhere else on your body, there are chances are that you are suffering from spider veins. Nobody knows how or why spider veins occur but it is common knowledge that the spider veins are a distinct spot on your beauty. Spider vein removal is a big part of cosmetic industry and there are several ways of doing it. One of the most common methods of spider vein removal is by Sclerotherapy. In this method the surgeon injects a solution in to the spider vein causing it to collapse and turn into scar tissue to be absorbed by the body.

But a new trend in spider vein removal is emerging. It’s laser therapy! Laser therapy uses patented expertise and technology for spider vein removal. This spider vein removal method is also beneficial if you suffer from generalized redness on your skin. Any kind of discolorations such as sun spots, dark circles, hyper pigmentations and acne scars can be successfully treated with Blue Light Laser spider vein removal method.

One of the most advanced treatments in aesthetics enhancement surgeries, the Blue Light treatment is completely non-invasive. It’s an out-patient procedure so patients return home the same day. Although Blue Light Laser spider vein removal can cause slight discomfort, it is usually cured within a day and most patients don’t require any medication. The use of lasers for spider vein removal has become so common that there is no need to use injections and many doctors recommend lasers. Epione has developed this Blue Light technology with the time-conscious patient in mind.

Blue Light therapy for spider vein removal promises a fresh, blemish free complexion to your skin. You are given a complete skin care to follow before and after the procedure to ensure maximum effectiveness. Spider vein removal may result in slight redness or discomfort, but your doctors at Epione will make sure that you get the best, most comfortable and friendly care while you recover.

Spider vein removal using Blue Light may require several sessions. One session of the laser treatment every week for 3 to 4 weeks is enough to do the trick. The Blue Light laser simply causes the color to evaporate and the skin returns to its normal color tone. The laser gives out a narrow spectrum light in short pulses. This may sting a little but the feeling doesn’t last long. Your doctor may recommend a topical cream or gel to sooth any burning or stinging.

Spider vein removal isn’t necessary only for cosmetic purposes but for your self esteem as well. Like all other diseases it is important to prevent this problem by regular exercising and keeping the weight off. But if the condition is hereditary then spider veins will occur no matter what you do.